Monday, June 14, 2010

{happy half you and you}

last week we had the pleasure of celebrating the girls' half birthdays. this is something i've decided we will do as a family to try and blur the fact that their birthdays are in December...five days apart! (note the feeling of guilt i bear)

As is tradition on their whole birthdays...we began the morning with pancakes and a song to the half birthday girls...

{bean...playing shy}

{it last but a moment...and then, the cheese face}

{then it was the big girl's turn}

{proud to be four AND A HALF!}

we spent the day with some new friends the girls lovingly refer to as "the boys" opposed to all the girl friends they have:) and we obviously had to bring the celebration with means of krispie squares with chipits and sprinkles...mmmM!

overall, a great day was had by all...and I can't believe they're growing so fast!

here's a small sampling of the artwork done by the resident four and A HALF year old of our home...

{it's a butterfly, a flower, a tree, wind, some rain, birds, a cloud...and my name}

{and here's some of her printing}
we're excited to see what the rest of their "2" and "4" years hold...


kelly ens said...

awesome drawings/writing!
happy half birthdays, Karys & Avery! :)