Tuesday, June 1, 2010

{my baby}

is about to have her 4 1/2 year birthday! and i know every parent says "it feels like yesterday..." but seriously, this kid never fails to amaze me...daily. sometimes it's in ways i would rather not be amazed, like how she can already roll her eyes like a 14 year old!!

but other days i am just so happy to watch her bloom...right in front of me!

here are some pictures of what she's been up to lately:

{one of her first "at home" projects}
note: this picture doesn't really look like her, but she's proud!

{close-up view of her caterpillar}
she had to colour 4 big circle, 2 little circles, and 2 antennas and then cut them out and paste them on a piece of paper

{our newest gift...from a family at church!}

{she has a great time plunking away}

{total concentration}

{further concentration...notice anything about the puzzle she's doing??}

{yup...it's blank! she decided to do it upside down!!}

{and now... "I'm Jim!"}

{oh my beautiful baby...please stop growing up so fast!}


kelly ens said...

cool caterpillar; yay for a piano!
HOW did she do the puzzle upside down? that's SKILL!

Christina B said...

hey k - i KNOW...skill indeed! She just got this idea and thought it would be cool to do the puzzle upside down!! ?? hey...you brought my "followers" #'s down by 1...and I only had 3 to count at most:( oh well...i know you're still here!

The W's said...

You have beautiful girls.

P.S My email is reidandbrenda@yahoo.com :)