Sunday, February 28, 2010

{need I say more??}

okay...if you INSIST!!





We're sad to see the Olympics come to an end, but extremely proud to be Canadian and witness the phenomenal results we've seen over the past 17 days!

Until the buzz wears off, I'll just keep watching the re-runs of all those incredible moments....

Friday, February 26, 2010

{morning adventures}

So...the other week, a friend of mine and I decided that we'd take our kids on a morning adventure to a local restaurant for breakfast!

Some of you may not think that there is any issue is accomplishing such a thing, but please note that this particular group of folks includes 5 children under four with a set of 8 month old twins! Needless to say, our hubbies happily went to work that morning!

Tea was drunk, or drank?...consumed!
{aren't they SOOO cute?!!}

pancakes consumed,

and tables left in shambles...

but we survived! And, had a good time doing it!

Either our kids are exceptionally well behaved or...

{embracing the independence...}

...of a four year old!

Karys had been asking me for...a while..."when can I get a new earring Mummy?"

me: "Karys, you have lots of earrings, we can change them whenever you want."

k: "Nooooo, another earring, like you have."

me: " mean another hole for an earring in your ear??" (Like, seriously, you've noticed this??)

k: "Yaaaaaaaa!!! Like you!! I want earring, earring, earring, and earring, earring, earring!" (Yes, I do have 3 holes in each lobe - not to mention 2 holes in the cartilage and my darling daughter has noticed this!)

me: "Oh, well, that means you'd have to go to the store that pierces ears and the lady would have to take a needle and poke a hole in your ear." (Yes, I admit, I was trying to scare her out of the decision)

k: "Ok, when can I do it??"

Feeling like i had not other ammunition to support me, I simply said "You'd have to go ask Daddy." Seriously, I was certain this girl would - like she typically does - forget what she was doing on her way to ask. But she didn't, and Jim came out saying "She's saying something about different earrings....?"

me: "No...she wants another hole for an earring!"

Jim: "Oh...sure....why not?"

me: *gulp* "Ok...K, Daddy said yes, but remember what Mummy said, it's going to hurt."

k: "Yep, I know, can we go now?"

me: "Umm...well...." Now, I am trying my hardest to figure out what else I can say??? "Karys, I guess you'll have to get your piggy bank and see if you have enough money!"

k: "okay...!" and off she shot like a bullet!

We counted the $ and I had nothing left to deter her....

So, of we went!

Karys with her money

Sitting in the piercing chair

Moved over to the bed because "What a girl wants!"

Done deed...can you tell??? NOPE!


This girl WILL teach me her definition of "determination" and "independence" - and I pray that I have the grace embrace it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

{i heart you}

...i am blessed.
(a day late, but true, none the less)

Friday, February 12, 2010

{let the games begin...}

I am so proud to be Canadian! And I will do my best in these next 16 days to try and teach my girls about what it means to be from this incredible country we call "home!"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{mr.sun & smoothies}

okay, so this is twice in one week, but don't go thinkin' i've gone and gotten things together enough to start posting regularly! i just found a pocket of time and a few pictures...that's all you need right?!

mr. sun decided to come a pay us a much-welcomed visit yesterday! we thought we'd take the opportunity to get out and keep him company...

not to mention...pound back 3 little cups of yogurt each!
it was so nice to have the chance to sit with my girlies out in the warm sun!
(and NO I didn't forget to clothe my youngest child! we're simply going thru a 'training' session...if you will!!)

on another note: here are some recent changes on the home-front...literally:)


before-before: this area used to be right off the living room. It opened up into a sort of 'sun room.' Basically, it was a cold, unusable space that we thought would be much more suitable as a covered part of outside deck. So...


So, I guess ther are some perks to having your husband be laid-off for the past 3 months!? But that's neither here nor there...right?? RIGHT??!!!


and lastly - i thought i'd take some pictures of the smoothie-goodness we've been enjoying, as of late!

i call it my 'one-cup wunder' -
throwing in a plethora (love that word) of ingredients, all with a 1C measurement:)

and YES, it IS green! but that makes it all the better for you, my dear:)

that's all for now, folks!

~blessings to you and yours...

Monday, February 8, 2010

{proud to be...}

okay, so i am fully aware of all the controversy that followed the Olympic torch as it ventured across the country, and i can understand the protests regarding the masses of money being put to much better use...elsewhere! but they're here...we did get the bid to host the Olympics and i am very proud to be Canadian, so i embrace the celebrations while they're here!

and while i took part in the coming-together of communities to celebrate the arrival of the torch, i also realized that i was proud to be...

a muma to these two girlies...however silly they are!

free from day-time obligations to be able to take our kids to events like this...

a part of a small community...

embracing my culture within our small community...

{whenever we have ceremonies that invlove drumming and singing, the eagles always come out and join us! This one arried while the group was warming up...and once their performace really got going, 8-10 eagles joined this one!!}

able to witness the arrival of the torch first-hand being brought in by a young member of our Nation...

a witness to the history in making with my Granny blessing the torch-bearer...

and lastly, i am proud to be:
a grand-daughter to this woman...a symbol of strength, a true matriarch!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

{i'm still here}

yes, yes, it's true! i am still here, and I do have things to write about and pictures to share, but for some reason when i sit to write...i got nuthin'!

"work" has started up again for me - which is a five week stint of a hectic home-life topped off with funny work hours which leads to us missing dinners together and cherishing the moments we get. but it's nice to be IN the groove, as opposed to awaiting the arrival of the said groove.

so...i'll sign off for now in hopes to come up with some creative ways to put my thoughts/pics together is some updated posts...

and leave you with one picture i captured at the recent olympic torch relay that just passed thru our neck of the woods...