Thursday, March 15, 2012

the ABC's of me

so, just because it's always interesting to find out more things about people, here they are, in no particular order - at ALL!

A:: amazed - daily! at the life i've been afforded! never could i have imagined that this is where my life's journey would take me...and that i would arrive on the other side of all the bumps and valleys a stronger person...but it has, and i am...thank you Jesus!
B:: balance - a bit deep! but I am learning to try and find a perfect balance of "life" and all it entails for us as a family and for me as a wife and mum and individual --- one thing we know for SURE is SIMPLE is BEST!
C:: crochet - love it! Actually, it's the reason i started my at-home business Mairsy Doats
D:: determined - this one was suggested by my love - i asked why he suggested that word and he said "because you are!"...really deep. i know!
E:: eight - the number of years i've been married to my best friend, my first and only boyfriend, my kids' Dado, my love.
F:: friends- SUPER DUPER important to me, but I don't have many! It's quality over quantity for this girl!
G:: germs - blech!! Hate 'em! Like, OCD! seriousy, i'm on the verge of being obsessive about hating them! Just ask my girls about what a trip to the public washroom involves! Needless to say, we "hold it" in public as long as humanly possible!
H:: homeschool - we do it! and we LOVE it! and my kids ARE SOCIAL!!
I:: impulsive - i talk before i think and make plans before i plan...sometimes it's good, sometimes...not (see if you can find a trend here!?)
J:: Jesus - my personal Saviour - God's Son who died for me, to have a relationship with me - not a religion!
K:: kids - we've got three - Karys, 6, Avery 4, and Levi, 6 mths (i secretly hope for four - but it's not a well-kept secret! Jim knows!! But he's not as crazy as me!)
L:: Levi Emery - a boy who stole my heart. A heart that was more than apprehensive about the idea of parenting the opposite sex!
M:: Mummy - the one title i longed to bare my ENTIRE life, the title I now hold for 3 incredible blessings and - sadly - the title i sometimes complain about owning, when it's used 1245678939503 times in a single hour...but then I am humbly reminded of how blessed i truly AM!
N:: neat-freak...NOT! i would imagine that this is one of my husband's hugest pet peeves! i cause clutter, i create clutter, and i can handle clutter...he doesn't and he can't! poor thing! so...i am trying!
O:: open-book - seriously!! maybe it's because my Mum is an ex-nun or maybe it's because I grew up with a cop for a Dad...but I can't hide anything! If I feel it - it's obvious.  If you wanna know it - I'll share it! Sometimes it good, sometimes...not so good!? (see the trend?)
P:: popcorn - i make it! from garden-fresh kernels! on the stove! It's AWESOME!!
Q:: quiet - something i have hated my entire life! seriously! don't know why, but I couldn't stand quiet or being alone! now...that it's virtually impossible to attain, I cherish the moments i do get!
R:: running - something i LOVE to do, but have had a hard time getting back into. Please refer back to the letter L!
S:: self-esteem - something i have struggled with my.entire.LIFE! But something I am learning a lot about these days - being over 30 helps too, i think!
T:: teacher - I went to university to obtain 2 degrees that qualified me to be a teacher...and now I do it, for free
U:: uncharted - the territory we are presently exploring!! We have no idea where our lives are headed, but we trust in the One who does, and know His grace will sustain us wherever His path guides us
V:: vegetarian - i was one, for over 5 years! and then i met my Mennonite husband...end of story.
W:: wine! enough said! But, seriously, i love the stuff! I drink a glass almost every night! But it can't be enjoyed alone - ever! So a typical evening for me looks like quiet time with hubby, enjoying a glass of wine and some crackers and cheese, oh yeah - and crocheting!! I know - we're hardcore! Try not to be jealous!
X:: eXtrovert - who married an introvert! I know opposites attract, but this one is almost cruel! (to both of us, i guess!)
Y:: yummy food - i love to enjoy it and love to make it! food and I have had a tumultuous relationship throughout my years, so it's so nice finally make peace with it - and even better to learn to LOVE IT!
Z:: ZEST - in my muffins and in my life - i love it in any shape and form! I live my life with as much zest as i can muster - with my family, with my challenges and with my daily duties. And I strive to surround myself with people who live their lives with it too!

there ya go! betchya didn't know a few of those, haha, neither did I!!



Avery is in a new level of ballet this year...and not only does she enjoy it, but she seems to be doing well!

and i had a little video clip, but it's not wonder i don't post more often!! what i try to, it never works like i hope it will!!




we had watching week at the dance studio...
this is some of what i captured...of my beautiful ballerina...on my iPhone...

Thursday, March 8, 2012


...ever....would i have imagined - a year ago - how easily my heart would melt over this...

but oh does, every time!

Happy 6 month birthday little buddy!!