Thursday, September 30, 2010


That's my newest boost of encouragement from the incredible Joyce all situations, about all people, during all parts of your day-to-day...


Sunday, September 26, 2010

{last a nutshell}

...brought to you by the letter "Bb"

We've been homeschooling for over 2 weeks now...and wouldn't change a thing!!

THIS is what's RIGHT for our family...

THIS is what we NEED at this moment in time...

THIS holds such significance in the development of US as a FAMILY...

THIS, I wouldn't change for ANYTHING!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

{let the games begin!}

well, the first week of 'school' ...aka: life...has come to a close

here's a snippet of what we've enjoyed doing...

our morning song list...
for calendar time!

Calendar close-up!
We have "Weather," "Days of the Week," "Months of the Year," memory verse, and some songs that help to learn/recognize the names/spelling of our family members!
this INCREDIBLE resource is available on-line HERE...and it's all FREE!!!
We LOVE it!!

After Calendar time, we "get to it"...having more fun;)

Awesome "Math tool" from Discovery Toys

Lots of fun for her...

AND her!!

Most days our "baby" goes for her nap a little after the calendar/math fun...
and that's when we do our big girl "work"

but even THAT'S fun!!

So...the first week we focused on the letter "A"...
and this is what Karys' "A" page looked like...

************************* IF the first week of Kindergarten wasn't major enough...

my big girl learned to ride WITHOUT her training wheels on the second day of school!!!!

and I missed it ALL...because I ran in to get the camera!!

and THIS is the face that met me when I came out...
sheer JOY!!'s done...and we're SO HAPPY!

What we're doing is what we've dreamed is SO right for our family...we are in a good place right now!

we ARE blessed...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

{the big one}

so...i had many good intentions of coming up with something witty for this post, but really...? i got nuthin'

reality is...i just turned 30!!! *gulp*... *gasp*

I never thought that day would come...because in ALL honesty - no idea how all my 'mature' friends feel - but i'm still 18, mentally!! serious!

so, while this day was approaching, it was with much dread on my part...i would have to face the inevitable

well, face it i did...and like i said...i still feel 18...but have a higher numeral to admit when asked "how old are you?"

so..."whatdya get?" is a question i would wonder if i had a friend who just reached such a milestone...

and the answer is: SPOILED!!

nope...nuthin' fancy by ways of an elaborate party or a big surprise bash...we had a small BBQ with some close friends and family...and then jim took me into town one day and surprised me with this:


and then...the next day, while we were trying to set this thing up (believe's A LOT more simple than the route i was chosen to take, but that's a whole 'nuther post...or two!!!) i asked jim if i could re-register for this fitness class that i have been attending since may...

his response...from left field...was, "Na, i think you should just start running's so much easier, and you come back so much happier. just get some new songs on your MP3 thingy and start running again!"

so...being oblivious to any underlying insinuations, i took that as "whoa, i guess i really HAVE fallen off that exercise-wagon and this is his subtle nudge at getting me back on it;)" *humble sigh*

okay...better get this computer set up so i can get some running tunes downloaded...and, i better find that MP3 thingy...where the heck did i put it...??

while we were setting things up, my lovely little brother was in town and decided to stop in for a visit/ aid-and-assist where needed...and as i'm busy asking questions and clicking where/when prompted, my little brother hands me this box...a big one...wrapped in birthday wrapping paper!!!! *SHOCK!!*

so...i do the giddy "what?!?! Dave!!! What is it??" and open the box to find this:


like i said...i was turning 30 was "mac-tacular!"...and now know why my hubby suggested i start running again;)

~i am blessed...

Friday, September 10, 2010

{still here}

...and many posts a-brewing! but with all this not-going-off-to-school organizing and finding our groove here at home, blogging has - obviously - fallen by the wayside!!

once we fall into a nice rhythm here at home, you can be sure i'll be back here updating...

until then, savour these moments you're in - whatever they may be!

No matter what situation you find yourself in,
you have the ability to face it with JOY
~ joyce meyer