Friday, October 15, 2010

sitting here today...trying to think about all the this that need to get done...

but all i can think about is this and #2 on this love list's that time of year again, for me. and one would think that if the in-between times are "easier," then THE DAY may get easier??

so far....not that case:(

but, it gives me cause to reflect, remember, and attempt to bring his personality and character across to my girls...

off i go to savour this day...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

well, as the days and weeks pass by, i am still 110% confident that we've made the best decision to homeschool our girls!'s not easy

yes...sometimes i wish that we all had a 6 hour break from one another

no...we do NOT "do school" every day for 6 hours

yes...i ultimately love the time that we are getting as a family to work and be together.

here are a few pictures of 'school' in the past while:

our week focusing on the letter "c"



Cookie Cutters


more fun with our discovery toys "busy farm"

colouring our little "fall is..." reader

Thanksgiving Turkey and her creation;p

my very creative Beanie...yes, that IS a "turkey"

so, there you have it. it's all i got right now...basically my life in a nut-shell - crafts and kids!
and I wouldn't change it...for anything!