Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday's Love List....

Whoa...that was quick!! I thought time flew when I stayed home! It goes 2x as fast when I'm at home and at work!'s my attempt to remember the 10 things I enjoyed about this week!

.:1:. The wedding is DONE! Man, what a feat! We enjoyed 2/3's of the ceremony! Given that it ended up being 3 hours long, I think we did pretty good! And, I think that we all were glad to be able to expereince such a unique ceremony - with tradition dancers and drummers! The girls behaved beautifully!!

.:2:. Vegging with friends - after we invited ourselves over! HA!! Jim needed somewhere/thing to escape to and look forward to after getting through with the wedding, so I invited ourselves over to our friends' place and we enjoyed their company! But, I'll refrain from speaking for them and saying they enjoyed our venting!

.:3:. That it's Friday! Duh...I know...but this week, in particular, was a challenge to get through! My sister and her 'husband' left for a week after their wedding and my Mom volunteered to watch their daughter. Now, all of this would have been fine had we never moved in with her! But seeing as how she had made the commitment long before she even knew we were moving, she was obviously going to stick to it! What that meant for us was that we had a house with 3 kids aged 2 1/2 and under! Suffice it to say "I am so glad that my kids are mine! And they are sooo good!"
.:4:. My daughter's creativity!! I came out into the backyard the other afternoon, fearing what I would find! Given that Karys had been back there for a while, very quietly, I think my fear was justified! But, to my surprise, this is what I found!! She had creatively crafted herself a resting the sandbox!

.:5:. My creativity! I know..tooting my own horn...but I remember as a child how much I LOVED making forts! And, the other night we had some down time and didn't want to watch TV! So, I decided to introduce Karys to the art of "fort-making"!

I think she liked it!

.:6:. Avery's new, oh-so-true shirt...and her ever increasing cuteness!! I still could eat her up...entirely!
Sit still....Thank you:)

.:7:. The new view I get to enjoy while running! Nothing else like it!

.:8:. Finding things out:) This week, both Jim and I were able to find out what we'd both be making at our jobs! I know it sounds silly, but both of us did accept and begin our jobs with no knowledge of what we'd be getting paid!! But something is better than nothing!! Anyhow - it's nice to know!
.:9:. doing it and consuming it!! Should do more of the former and less of the latter!! But, either way, it's enjoyable to create and taste the results! Unfortunately, nothing I make ever lasts as long as it is expected to!
.:10:. And....tonight's dinner! Home-made pizza! Mmmmm! Always enjoyable and even moreso when there's a bit of dough left over to make fresh cinnamon buns...which I did!!
~So, that's all folks! Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have my laptop up and running!! Which means I get to post pictures!! Since we moved I have just been using my Mom's computer and it doesn't have anywhere for me to stick my picture card to upload all my treasures:(

So...I geniusly decided that I would: unplug the blue cord from my Mom's computer that is hooked into the box that brings the internet into the house and stick it in a plug on my laptop that looked similar! I know... call my Einstein!!

Anyhow, it worked and now I have some pictoral updating to do!! Here goes nuthin'!!
Let's start with a few pictures of the mayhem we created during our weekend moving-spree!!

Laying it all out to try and make some sense of the mess! Cupboards unloaded and ready to!

More cupboard mess! How do you classify one pile of junk from another??

Avery's barren room - me no like it! I found it difficult to put her to sleep in here, being so bare!

Some cool shades we found in amidst the chaos!

And...check 'em out!! Stripey bugged-out socks! FUN!!


And now... onto my birthday:) Here's some pictures taken that day!!

Me and my girls....

Yummy cupcakes made from scratch by my Mom!
Fantastic Four!!

A little gift from my Granny - who, quite obviously, is glad that we are finally "HOME"! (I know it's hard to see, but we are holding 4 letters that hang on the wall spelling H-O-M-E!)


And now...onto my most recent race:) This year I decided to participate in the Terry Fox Run - and as mentioned in my last post, I ran my 10k in under an hour! And Jim and the girls were there as my fans!!!

Get Set....


No...there weren't only us 3 running, but there were few enough of us to get quite spread out from the get-go!

Go Mummy Go!!!!

All DONE!!

So glad to be wearing my shirt, made by none other than shmellowyellow herself!!

~Well, that's it for now!! Many pictures remaining to be posted, but they shall wait for another time:)

Monday, September 22, 2008


Every time I look at the calendar and see that October is right around the corner...I get butterflies!! Not because it's a Fall month and I love Fall most of all, but because in October I must officially run my Half Marathon!! With money very low and my running schedule completely out the window - with moving and working - I get butterflies thinking about even making it TO Kelowna, and if that happens it means I have to go through with the run!! I am getting butterflies just thinking about it!

Now...I know that I did manage to get in a 20k run prior to leaving 100 Mile, but I have done very little running since then and am, therefore, feeling very inadequate! So...I have butterflies! And, when I am trying to purposefully focus on planning for teaching, the idea of running those 21.1k's creeps into my mind and gives me...butterflies!!

Anyhow - just thought I'd let you know! I am planning to get out there tonight - at some point! I was raring to go right when I got home from work and then it went a got sunny on me! And running in the afternoon heat is not something I enjoy! So, in a few hours, my feet better be moving!

Hope you are enjoying the sun, on this first day of Fall! Perhaps, a sign of things to come!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm A Pro... Procrastination!! It's a well-known fact in our household!! And now with the "things-to-do" list including daily prep for my job, this lingering characteristic has reared it's fuzzy head - again!!

Being that I have held my degree for over 4 years now, procrastination and I have not really been on speaking-terms! Maybe a few visits every now and again when I had put off some house-cleaning or baking!? But, other than that, I've tried to avoid her calls! Previous, however, to my graduation, my hubby can highly attest to the remifications of my close friendship with procrastination!! Like, being alone in bed until 5:30am, when I had finally finished my paper for an 9am class - in Burnaby, leaving from Abbotsford at 7:45!!!

I had begun to think that our friendship was over! But, alas, as some of you may well know, it is hard for me to let go!! And so, when this job came up and I realized that it would take my commetiment to planning for daily lessons, I thought "No problemo!" I can commit my time in the morning before class and my time in the evening, after the girls go to bed, to planning! And my lessons will be great and my kids will love me!! Well, my lessons have gone over well and I have no idea how my kids view their new teacher, but I know that procrastination has paid me a visit - like one of those annoying friends who you haven't heard from in a long time and who - all of a sudden gets - in touch with you and wants you to drop everything in order for you to sit through countless stories of what has happened in the past eons of their life! Yup, she's back, she's paid me a visit, and I am sitting here...listening!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's Love List...

Well, I am a blogging slacker!! I have noticed a sad pattern in my posts as of late...only on Fridays:( So sorry for my reader! I will get in a grrove one day, and then I will have the time and desire to update you on my life! But, right groove=no blog! Except on Friday:) Here it goes...

.:1:. That I made it through my first week on School!! In my first real job!!! I don't know if it just hasn't sunk in yet...or, iwth me, if it will EVER sink in, but it's so much fun!! Fun in a way that makes me think "this is gonna end's can't be this enjoyable all the time...can it?" Well, I'll take the postive perspective and outlook and say "YES, it CAN be this enjoyable!"

.:2:. My kids - biological and non! All together I have 24!! And they're all so different and unique and I am glad that they are mine to help...I only hope that I can do them justice!!

.:3:. Getting home from work and finding out that Daddy took Karys on a date to the beach!

.:4:. Photocopying - it!! And maybe that novelty will wear off as well, but when I have something to photocopy, it means I have something planned which makes me feel accomplished - for that moment at least:)

.:5:. Finding out about friends' babies arriving!!! Welcome Mason and Ezra!! Hope I can meet you two soon!! Way to go Kels and Kel!!!

.:6:. Getting UNDER an hour on my 10k this past Sunday! I know...for some out there, that's nothing to blink at, but I am slow! And under and hour was a goal for me:)

.:7:. That Jim and the girls were able to be at the race with me!! I love having a cheering section, and it doesn't happen often, so this time was GREAT! SO nice to know that your running across the finish line to celebrate with someone...not just for yourself!!

.:8:. Making connections...Jim just started his job this week and he's getting to know people around town! It's nice that he's making his own connection here now so it won't just be me feeling "at home!"

.:9:. Dressing the girls up in matching dresses! I know...visions of therepy in their future, but they look cute and it's only occasionally!! So, for this wedding we have tomorrow, they'll be twins! Thanks Lisa!!

.:10:. end it all on my bestest note...FALL!!! I LOVE FALL!! I love getting out the warm clothes, I love the foggy/cloudy days, I love the smell of the leaves turning colour - YES, you can smell them changing - I love the idea of school-time around Thanksgiving, I love that this year we will be able to enjoy the crisp weather without it taking 20 mintues to get ready, and that we'll be able to breath outside without our lungs closing shut, I love that it gives me an excuse to start doing baking with spices in it, and more than anything, I love that it means we're evn closer to...Christmas!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Yipppeeeee!! I am soo excited to do today's post!! Not that my news will be anything that exciting for friends on Facebook, but I have been waiting to blog about this topic for what seems like FOREVER!!! So, let's get started!!

.:1:. Getting my first, official teaching job! Like a real contract! No more TOCing this year!! No more making tentative plans, based only on whether I get called in at 6AM!! I have an official school, with the greatest staff and the best children!! Not including mine, of course!! The school where I will be working is one that I have been involved with since 2000! So, I have a connection there that I was really hoping, and praying, I would be able to strengthen! And now I have the chance! Although I am freaked out of my mind, because following the "Teacher's" day plan now means following MY day plan, I am also very excited about this new opportunity!

.:2:. What could top #1?? Nothing really, but there ARE still good things happening that can make up the rest of the list!! So, next would be....getting to finally go out to our favorite restaurant here on the Coast - and with a purpose of celebrating!! This pasta place is to die for! And although Karys was pretty grouchy, the food made up for the whispered threats being made across the table to a 2 1/2 year old who refused to enjoy any aspect of life! ...until we were right about to leave!! Of course!

.:3:. The newly realized reality of some semblance of routine that is soon to be present in our lives! WOW!! We haven't had "routine" in our life for...EVER! Now with both Jim and I acquiring relatively full-time work, we're gonna really have to be on the ball with meals, schedules, etc!

.:4:. Surprises...and no longer having to keep secrets!! This past Wednesday I hosted a Bridal Shower for my older sister, who is getting married in 2 weeks!! And, as much as I love surprises - giving and receiving - I am not a good 'hider'! Like I kept leaving pieces of paper that had shower plans/menu ideas on them and my sister kept finding them! Leaving the awkward silence more awkward to fill!! Anyhow - it went off without a hitch and fun was had by all!!

.:5:. Enjoying the reality of living in a small town - walking distance to everywhere!! This week I have had the pleasure of taking the girls wherever I go!! Not that I used to leave them when I went somewhere, but simply having to load them into the stroller and walk away just seems so much more convenient! And, when Avery is down for one of her marathon naps, and Karys and I are getting bored, we enjoy taking the 2 block walk into town and either going to visit the library (awesome-books-overload!!), or strolling through the mall, or even going a bit further down to the beach!! It is good to be back stay!!

.:6:. Having this week off before getting this new job - and although it didn't feel like a blessing at the time, when I kept being NOT called in - both Jim and I have had a good week to get small things done and just feel that much more settled-in before getting fully involved in "working" life!!

.:7:. The thought of being "housewifey" in a more deliberate way!! With the reality of Jim returning to a more normal job in a few days, I have been itching to get my Bosch machine out and make those fateful "work buns"! The buns that he has had in his lunch every day since he started work! Yup, no joke! I mean his mom's are 100x better than mine, but if there's bun in the freezer that what he takes!! So, I am hoping to get them baked off this weekend! Where I'll find the time is another question!!

.:8:. Veggie Platters! What?!?! I know - seems pretty lame! But, I love the ever-ready healthiness of those freshly cut-up crunchy sticks! And as yummy as they are, I never feel guilty for my over-consumption!! So, because of hosting a shower, I have been enjoying the residual contents of the veggie/fruit platters ever since! Why I don't make up my own fruit/veggie platters for no apparent reason is beyond me, but maybe THAT'S apparent reason!!

.:9:. My hubby's newly found desire to join me for my runs!! YAY!!!! And although I can never go as far when he decides to come, I am always up for company for ANY distance, rather than no company for a long distance!

.:10:. Getting mentally prepared to run the Half Marathon!! The deadline is fast approaching and I know that things are way more mental than physical! So, I am continually prepping my mind for getting thru those miles!! Although, my training is very much lacking!! I am planning on doing the 10k Terry Fox run here in 2 weeks and then have 2 weeks until the Half!! And then my running partner and I will train for another Half that takes place HERE on the Coast in April and I am planning on doing the SunRun again too!! So, as long as I keep my legs moving, I am hoping that all of these goals are attainable!

~ So, that's it for me this week!! I hope yours went well too! And, hope you enjoy your weekend!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yesterday's Love List!!

I KNOW!!! I've been MIA for a while! But, all in good reason! I promise!! With this move and settling in and going to work and needing to pack up the rest of the house...I've been a bit preoccupied!

Anyhoo...enough excuses, at least it's only one day late, and not non-existent!! Here goes this week's list.....

.:1:. Today is Avery's Nine Month Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! wahhhhhhh!!! My baby is getting soooo big!! And as much as that is a good thing, because she's learning and thriving and oh-so-cute - I just wish I had my bitty baby back!! Nothing lasts forever, but I sure wish newborns and kittens did!!

.:2:. would be...Nailing a 20km run in honour of my baby's nine month b-day and MY birthday present to ME! Yup...I did it!! 20km clocked and only 1.1 left to reach my goal of a Half Marathon!! Whoa - only one month left!!

.:3:. One last trip up to the Cariboo to say goodbye and finish packing up the rest of the house! Not that I enjoyed doing all that packing, but I loved that we got to go alone, that we had a lot of help, and that we were able to pay one last visit to a place that was nice to call "home" for a year!!

.:4:. The newly found excitement of being involved! Now that we are in a place we hope to remain, we are excited about planting roots and getting involved! There are so many opportunities here for us and, primarily, the girls!! I am looking into getting Karys into Music and Dance! So exciting!!

.:5:. My first call into work! I know that some may turn their noses up to the 6am call into work at "such and such" a school, with "so and so" aged children...but I am soooo glad to be back on the TOC list, and am welcoming those wee AM phone calls!! This week I went in for a Gr.6 class with no day-plan! So, we made decorations for their next day "Fun Day" and played outside!! Whoa - hold back your excitement!!

.:6:. Sushi...mmmmmmmm!! Mom called us on our way back down to the coast to see if we would like to order Sushi for dinner?! DUH!! We've been living in Hicksville! Read: Sushi is an anomaly! Of course we'd enjoy some sushi!! And enjoy.we.did!

.:7:. Getting to run my first (and hopefully not last) 20 km run around one of the nicest routes in the province!! My only regret is that I didn't snag any pics of it before we left! But imagine if you will: a dirt trail, around two adjoining lakes, through a heritage site, the middle of nowhere!'s that nice!! Even when your limping and trying to stop the back spasms!
Looks a little something like this....

.:8:. Getting back in touch with all the people I have tried to forget about for the past year! If you don't know me that well, I am a people-person! Relationships are very important to me and although I don't have many friends, the ones I have are very special to me! SO, given this recent move, MUCH closer than before, I am excited to be more of a part of those lives I've missed! And meet those babies that are soon to arrive!! Come ON Baby Ens!!!!

.:9:. Missing my babies! I know some may consider us selfish and/or awful parents for not taking our girls with us for the 1 1/2 day treck up to the Cariboo and back...but (as bad as it may sound) the break was nice. And it really help us both realize that life is NOTHING without them!! We are so blessed with the children we have!! And...absence does make the heart grow fonder, if not for but a moment! Until #1 starts to reef on #2's hair and watch her scream...I think there was even a slight bit of glee in her eyes!

.:10:. Now...this is a happy/sad one! As much as I LOVE birthdays...especially mine...I am getting to an age in my life where I just want the numbers to cease increasing!! I really liked the ring of "26"!! But seeing as how that is long past (;P), I figure I'll simply cling to the ease at which those numbers flow off my tongue! So, yup, tomorrow's my Birthday! I still get "little girl" excited about it, and..."little girl" disappointed at the lack of attention it is paid as of late - what with babies and jobs, who has time to celebrate?! However, I still hold on to that little ray of hope...that one day...some day....someone may throw me a HUGE surprise birthday party! And then all those years of waiting will have paid off! And...until then, I'll be happy for the ways in which my loved ones show their gratitude for my entering the world!

So...hope your week/wkend have been enjoyable! And I hope that this - meals, life, sleeping patterns...and Blogging - will soon regain feelings of normalcy!