Sunday, November 28, 2010


there's a lot of depth to that word....

there's a lot of limitations too...if you've trained yourself
to box in the word
as it pertains to you...and your life

i know that i have had MANY walls built up
surrounding that word
as it related to almost every aspect of my life

and I can honestly say, now, that most of those walls,
thank the Lord,
have been torn down

but the issue i am having now,
in all honesty,
is embracing this freedom,
being 100% fine with it,
and viewing how it's effect on my life
changes everything

because when you live in your own restricted freedom
for SO long
it's hard to retrain your mind

but i do it,
because i deserve it,
because Jim deserves it,
because my babies deserve it

Where the Spirit of the Lord is...there is freedom! ~2 Corinthians 3:17 I am hit with these truths I am learning to embrace them,
to share them with people
and, hopefully, with you
but my struggle is making the time
and finding the words

the Truth is being spoken to me daily,
His word is breathing new life into me,
His Spirit wants nothing more than for me to KNOW this FREEDOM
but he enemy wants nothing more
than for me to shrink back
into that stilted, self-defined definition of the word
"Freedom as it pertains to you, Christina"

I will write on here more,
it is therapeutic to me,
and hopefully, if nothing more,
keeps you updated to my current "goings-on"

this Truth was brewing in my gut tonight,
and the old me didn't think it was worth mentioning
but I know better
because I now know the truth and
the truth shall set ME free ~John 8:32

there's a lot of depth to that word
and my guts are still brewing
with more "stuff" that's on my mind

that'll wait for another day...
hopefully soon


Saturday, November 6, 2010

i AM here

and life is INCREDIBLE

a LOT of "unknown"

a LOT of trusting

some HUGE steps of faith

i am still here

i still want to be writing posts

uploading pics of our incredibly blessed life

but i am really trying to figure out HOW

HOW i want this to be presented

HOW i hope this to be interpreted

SO....until i figure that out

i hope you'll stay tuned

~be blessed