Monday, July 26, 2010

{in her glory}

karys has been counting down the days (since the end of June!!) until her soccer camp would start!

well, today was finally THE DAY...and she was in her glory!! little people... outdoors... sunshine... physical activity!

getting the low-down

checking to make sure i'm close by

warming up


partner shuffle there

partner shuffle back

"this is how you stop the ball...never use your hands!"

sweet success!!
and she can sleep soundly tonight, with the confidence that we'll be heading right back to soccer in the morning!!

i find such joy and peace watching my girls enjoy their activities...kind of gives me a glimpse of how God takes such delight in blessing me, His child!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

{quiet afternoon}

after quite a busy day...after a week "off" for Jim, full of long hours working on loads of homemade projects...and countless mornings of being woken up a tad after 5AM by my darling #2 daughter (what the HECK?!)...we were pleased to spend a bit of today doing nuthin'.

and by "nuthin' "i mean - i was busy prepping a salad soon to be noted over on my other blog...the girls were busying themselves "tricking" daddy into being their source of entertainment by sneakily piling every blanket/stuffie/ and article of clothing they could muster onto him while he lay on the sofa to "rest"...and Jim, well, i just said what he was doing.

for some reason, miss bean (aka:avery) was MIA during the taking of these pictures, but you get the idea..

an action shot she's moved her attention from daddy, who almost died from heat-exhaustion under all their "stuff," onto setting up what she called a "tea party" - personally, i still can't figure out what part of any of this made up a single aspect of "tea party" but she had a ball!!

pleased as punch that her newest source of enertainment (because daddy's novelty wore off) is obediently behaving...

there's that new source of entertainment...can you see it??

yup, there she is...miss cricket, you're too kind!

and there's that thankful daddy...thankful that they've left him alone, but shared their cherished "ni-nights" with him...some added comfort to aid in a 'quiet' afternoon

~ hope you also had an enjoyable afternoon...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

***WARNING: some of the material posted here may be offensive...but it's true!***

okay...i HAD to share this SOMEWHERE...and facebook didn't seem the appropriate the moment...

i SERIOUSLY just had to go fishing thru my garage to find a box that was SERIOUSLY big enough to fit a cat that's stiff enough to be mistaken for concrete!!


and because my neighbor (to whom this kitty belonged) is away at the moment...we had NO IDEA what to do with it?!?

so now...a have a box in my yard waiting to be "dealt with" once my neighbor returns...


...thanks for listening, now go hug your kitty!!

::sew simple::

wanna know how to make this...

or this.....

then come on over HERE and take a peak:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

{looney bin...aka: home sweet home}

life is busy...has been for about 4 1/2 yrs now, which i am happy about!!

...but somehow this makes it a tad more...looney ;P

can you see it...the added bit of mayhem?? YUP there's three of them thanks to my mum being out of town for a few days...she also got a kitten from the same litter:)

i like it...

Friday, July 16, 2010

::homemaking alert::

care to find out how to neatly fold a fitted sheet??

check this out then!

{200} I think you've waited long #200 is here, along with some interesting happenings around here.

now that i've created some anticipation about this post, the things i'm planning on sharing feel slightly anti-climactic!?

remember these little gals??


we caved...

the girls had NO idea i was bringing them home:)

what's Dado hiding behind his back???

"Here you go Avery"

Avery and "my kitty" >>AKA: Piper<<

"Here you go Karys"

Karys and "my kitty" >>>AKA: Cricket<<<
{I absolutely LOVE K's face here...she's been a cat-lover since she was one
..and has been asking to get one for, what seems like to her, a lifetime!}

savouring the first moments

avery's typical 'loving' grasp

the novelty is still there...110%

even after a whole week!

and what's most important to us (as the obvious primary care-givers of these little furballs) is that any apprehensions we had bringing them into our home are completely unfounded/non-existent.

needless to say...going from a no-kitty zone to having 2 of them running around was a tad unnerving...but all the people we had talked to reassured us that 2 is easier than one. and now...i have to say "i agree"!!

should we have actually been able to selecte/agree upon one single kitty to make a solo debut into this household, i dare to place bets on it's survival thus far...and if it had survived one week, i doubt i would have:) the timer would have become an extension to my arm and/or the kitty may have been ripped in two.

so...i am happy to report that there have been no injuries, fights, accidents, losses that weren't minor enough to brush off. Yay!!!

and night....after the girls have gone to bed...we may or may not have even find ourselves taking turns cuddling a kitty each...but there's NO evidence to prove that true or false!

and we said "we'd never be cat-owners!"


in other news....information worthy of this 200th post perhaps....

does this look interesting to you??

would knowing how to make this garlic cheese bread be something of interest to you??



would it??


then come on over to Simply Homemade Goodness

here i will be posting things based on exactly what the title suggests!

things that are simple

things that are good

and, most importantly...

things that are homemade!

so...if that sort of things peaks your interest then get over there...check things out...and then stay tuned for more posts to come!!

feel free to make some suggestions on simply homemade topics you'd like to see turn up here...i look forward to hearing what you think!


so folks....that's all i got!

some furballs and a new blog!

yay for my 200th post...

Happy Friday...

blessings to you!

Monday, July 12, 2010

{monday musings}

as my bun dough is rising and the wind is gusting and my #2 daughter has gone down for her nap while my #1 daughter has 'quiet' time (yelling out 'songs' she's making up while doing acrobats of our bed)...i'm sitting here pondering a post.

it's monday...jim's at work and his brother is here for a 'working' holiday! since his arrival they have stripped the deck, re-sheeted it and prepped it for finishing (to be done tomorrow!!), installed a sink in my laundry room and begun the process of building a tool shed in the back yard!! things they are a-happenin'!

last weekend (i think) we stained the fence that jim and ron had built during a different one of ron's "holiday's" here -> no pre-made panels for these guys...they put this thing together piece by piece!

it's not going anywhere!! and i think i like how it turned out - stained panel on the right...washed out panel needing stain on the left;)

notice the nice, lush, flat lawn jim's standing on?! yup, he did that too a while back...
hand-leveled the yard and then sowed the seed...watered and fed those little grasslings (is that even a word?) like they were his babies...and voila!!


on another note, we've been busy this past week bringing Karys to and from her first ever VBS! it was such a great experience for all of us...she had a BLAST,
and Avery and I had a great chance to get things done without big sister around to offer her never-ending suggestions!

these next two weeks of our summer calendar are free and clear of any sort of structure - which makes me very happy...

and then, the last week of july holds another 'first' for Karys...
can you guess??

yup, she's taking part in a week-long soccer camp for 4-5 year olds! this sporty chick (and her parents) are very excited about her newest soccer attire! karys likes them because it helps her to look/feel the part...and we like them because it cost us a whopping $19 for ADIDAS soccer boots AND shin pads...and they're pink!!! what a deal...we love good deals!

oh...time to start baking those buns...gotta run!

~blessings to you...

and stay tuned for my 200th post...coming soon!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

{wordless wednesday}

Monday, July 5, 2010

{canada day}

here's a little glimpse into our canada day...started out with slight rain showers, but with a hope and the prayer of a four year old, the day turned out great!!

{waiting for the parade to begin}

{looking patriotic}

{SUPER patriotic!}

{she loves animals!}

{notice Jim's hand? Avery's a bit more cautious!}

{Karys, waiting to take her very first ride on a horse}

{nervous excitement}

{look of content}

{and all because her Great Gramma Honey had a $5 bill...}

{us 4}

all in all...a great day!