Monday, July 12, 2010

{monday musings}

as my bun dough is rising and the wind is gusting and my #2 daughter has gone down for her nap while my #1 daughter has 'quiet' time (yelling out 'songs' she's making up while doing acrobats of our bed)...i'm sitting here pondering a post.

it's monday...jim's at work and his brother is here for a 'working' holiday! since his arrival they have stripped the deck, re-sheeted it and prepped it for finishing (to be done tomorrow!!), installed a sink in my laundry room and begun the process of building a tool shed in the back yard!! things they are a-happenin'!

last weekend (i think) we stained the fence that jim and ron had built during a different one of ron's "holiday's" here -> no pre-made panels for these guys...they put this thing together piece by piece!

it's not going anywhere!! and i think i like how it turned out - stained panel on the right...washed out panel needing stain on the left;)

notice the nice, lush, flat lawn jim's standing on?! yup, he did that too a while back...
hand-leveled the yard and then sowed the seed...watered and fed those little grasslings (is that even a word?) like they were his babies...and voila!!


on another note, we've been busy this past week bringing Karys to and from her first ever VBS! it was such a great experience for all of us...she had a BLAST,
and Avery and I had a great chance to get things done without big sister around to offer her never-ending suggestions!

these next two weeks of our summer calendar are free and clear of any sort of structure - which makes me very happy...

and then, the last week of july holds another 'first' for Karys...
can you guess??

yup, she's taking part in a week-long soccer camp for 4-5 year olds! this sporty chick (and her parents) are very excited about her newest soccer attire! karys likes them because it helps her to look/feel the part...and we like them because it cost us a whopping $19 for ADIDAS soccer boots AND shin pads...and they're pink!!! what a deal...we love good deals!

oh...time to start baking those buns...gotta run!

~blessings to you...

and stay tuned for my 200th post...coming soon!!


kelly ens said...

the yard is looking great! Jim's done some work, it seems ;) enjoy your time with Ron! Karys looks great :)
looking forward to post #200!

The W's said...

Love the fence - something we had hoped to do this year but it's now an official no go. Love the stain. And Karys looks sooo cute in her soccer gear.