Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Ducky...

...officially! Rubber Ducky, actually!! Yes, I did it! Signed myself up for Half Marathon #3. So excited to continue training and so glad to be doing another race with my dear friend and training partner, Lisa. What's so exciting about this one is: we've only lost 5 kms in our mileage since the last half we did and it's not until October!

For my first half I had to begin training at KM...uh....zero!! Right from scratch! My second half was 6 months later and I had taken a pretty severe break from running, and didn't start training until January, so we started at 10kms. This time...we've switched up our runs between 15 and 16kms! We only have to get to 21! 5kms to add in more than 8 weeks! And...the course is completly flat! Added bonus! I'm just hoping we're not going to be like rubber duckies come race day - did they possibly search out the rainy-est weekend to host this run?? Why rubber duckie?? No matter...I'm just glad for another goal to strive toward!

In other news: She's back behind bars!! I may have posted a tad too eagerly about Avery's switch into a "big girl" bed. She may have gotten out of bed 6 times before she went for her nap and she may have walked into Karys' room and woken her up before 6 am the next morning! Jim may have set up her crib before he headed to work just so that she would be our perfect-two-naps-a-day-sleeper again! And she may just be completely obsessed with her bars! She also may never poop on a potty again! We've discovered that this little princess has a overly sensitive sniffer and has actually tossed her animal crackers on two occasions! Now, when the time is obviously upon her, and I ask if she has to go potty, she simply replies "NO...NOT!!" as she swiftly runs in the opposite direction! So...I may be sitting here at this this very moment and eating my fair share of humble pie, but I may also be relishing in the fact that my baby isn't as much of a "big girl" and she thinks she is!

That's about it for now...I'm getting back in my right mental space from a week with a strange-every-night-and-sometimes-during-the-day-fever?! Glad to be rid of it...wondering where it came from...but not going to lose sleep over it! On to brighter and better days...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A picture walk...of sorts!

So...we've had quite the busy past few weeks! In the abridged version:

* Avery has been "successfully" shifted into a Big Girl bed!! I say this with a twinge of hesitation, in hopes to not jinx anything! But, in all honesty, it is nice for a transition like this to go so smoothly!

note: 3 beds of all different varieties in one tiny room...looking forward to our own space!!
A little unsure of this new gig! But with her stuffies by her side, her first evening went by without a hitch!
Girly giggles...
"Okay Avery, now let's pretend we're sleeping...sshhhh..." *and for Avery, this means "insert thumb in mouth"...so Karys does the same!

Just a few pictures of Karys...building a "castle"Getting bigger...
And bigger...
It's done!!
Let's dance...

In other news - our Beanie is also facing some further uncharted territory......with great success, I might add! But I will refrain from showing you those pictures!!

* * *

On the crafty-front, I've been creating a few "gems" of my own!

Here's dress #4 - with pics of the previous 3 to follow :D

And a little cutie...in dress #5

Put your hands up...*note the change in intended attire?? Due to the unfortunate over-sight of the pattern company, K's dress left little to NO room for her head to actually fit through the opening so she could actually wear the dress! Ironically, A's dress was a tad longer and her head is obviously smaller, so...no-brainer... "woops, Mummy made a mistake...THIS is your dress!!"

And lastly...sweet smiles

Saturday, August 1, 2009

3 1/2 years in the making...

So...not too long ago, I finally caved...I had always said that I never wanted to cut Karys' hair, but I also saw girls with these cute little bobs, that my little girl would suit too!

It's no bob, that's for sure, but I did cut her hair, and she likes it:)


When wet, her hair was down to her waist!
Getting it all ready...

Making the first snip...

A curious (tired) on-looker :)
(who also has quite the mop of hair for a 1 1/2 year old!)
It took me three tries - mainly because I was nervous of taking off too much!
Final product - a nice trim!

It was so cute to see her adjust to the "short-ness"...for days after I cut it, she would toss her hair from side to side and say to people "My hair's short now! ... I got my hair cut!"

And...seeing as how I was on a snipping-roll...I gave my niece some bangs!
(with her mom's permission, of course!)

Yes I have always, secretly, wanted to be a hair-dresser! I just recently got my hair cut and was wanting it to be coloured as well. Hearing that the salon would charge me $100, I promptly decided I could make the $10 store-brand colour work for me...

and it did:)

Experiment with your hair - it's never permanent and the result is always exciting!


Courtesy of Miss Karys...

The other day???...Week?? We went to a local park and enjoyed some family time! While we were there Karys got the photog-bug....

Here's some of her best shots:

And two of my favourite...taken by me:)

As is evident from my LACK of posting, we're busy having a great summer, enjoying out time together and the gorgeous weather!

Hope you are enjoying life too...