Sunday, August 9, 2009

A picture walk...of sorts!

So...we've had quite the busy past few weeks! In the abridged version:

* Avery has been "successfully" shifted into a Big Girl bed!! I say this with a twinge of hesitation, in hopes to not jinx anything! But, in all honesty, it is nice for a transition like this to go so smoothly!

note: 3 beds of all different varieties in one tiny room...looking forward to our own space!!
A little unsure of this new gig! But with her stuffies by her side, her first evening went by without a hitch!
Girly giggles...
"Okay Avery, now let's pretend we're sleeping...sshhhh..." *and for Avery, this means "insert thumb in mouth" Karys does the same!

Just a few pictures of Karys...building a "castle"Getting bigger...
And bigger...
It's done!!
Let's dance...

In other news - our Beanie is also facing some further uncharted territory......with great success, I might add! But I will refrain from showing you those pictures!!

* * *

On the crafty-front, I've been creating a few "gems" of my own!

Here's dress #4 - with pics of the previous 3 to follow :D

And a little dress #5

Put your hands up...*note the change in intended attire?? Due to the unfortunate over-sight of the pattern company, K's dress left little to NO room for her head to actually fit through the opening so she could actually wear the dress! Ironically, A's dress was a tad longer and her head is obviously smaller, "woops, Mummy made a mistake...THIS is your dress!!"

And lastly...sweet smiles


kelly ens said...

Wow Avery - big, successful changes. so incredible!
the girls are cute as ever - i love all the pictures, but the last one especially.
SUPER cute dresses Christina - WOWSERS!

Anonymous said...

so funny... whoops! mommy's mistake , silly mommy..
it is amazing what we can trick them with , hey? beautiful dresses.. you have inspired me...
hope you are having a great day!