Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i'm baaack! (for now)

ya, you's normal, expected, okay been a long time!! (but not as long as I thought! all those posts since Levi's birth must have been written while i was in some state of oblivion!! because i have very little recollection of their composition!!)

Holy schmoly!!

seriously, please don't ask me where the time has gone NOR what on earth i have been up to, because i'd possibly spew my coffee not be able to answer in a word or 500!

i have tried to come back on here several times in the past while, but with the sieve that has replaced the space which once housed my brain, i can not EVER think of anything even my Mum would be interested in reading!! (read: she's one of my biggest fans, so would be willing to read anything.  Not intended to be a dig on her or her questionable choice of reading material...okay, i'll shut up now stop while i'm ahead-ish.)

so...there ya go!!  i am still here and hope you are too! hope this was a slight surprise to actually find a new post in place of the one that has greeted you for the past 3+ months!

please stay tuned to a more in-depth update on US...coming soon! (i promise!) 

and until then...i will leave you with these:  a peek of our little man, when he was still little (for you) and a reminder of sorts (for me!)