Friday, June 24, 2011

baby names

...admittedly, I am at a loss!

not TOTALLY (as i DO have a name list started) but there are NO names that I am 100% S.O.L.D. on yet, and certainly NO names that Jim and I agree on!

So...that being said, i thought i'd take this chance to query you, my audience of...?!

can you please make us some name suggestions - Boy OR Girl as we are not 100% sure of the baby's gender YET!

our girls' names are:

KARYS NICOLLE and AVERY DANAE...and we would obviously want a name that "matched" something like George or Henry would really suite the more "unique" trend we've got going.

(keep in mind that we may actually use a name you suggest, so DON'T suggest anything you're not will to part with!)

looking forward to hearing your suggestions!!!!!

who do you think s/he looks like?!?

Monday, June 20, 2011

our dado

this year we weren't too sure what to do for our Dado...

thankfully karys remembered what we did last year, and she wanted to do it again!

we love our Dado...and we know he loves beer and new clothes (once in a while!) we went to fill a basket with things he likes!

we got it all ready and then had to go do the delivery...which wasn't too hard seeing as how Daddy is spending most of his free time making our yard look purdy!!

sooo off to the front yard we went
there he IS!!


summer days

although the weather has been rather inclement as of late...there have been a few days mixed in where we've been able to get out and soak up a LOT of vit. D!!!

here's some evidence of our fun in the sun!!

auntie jenn brought her paddle board with her...and was gracious enough to bring the girls out on the water with her!!

they even got to see a few new baby turtles while they were out there...but NO that didn't tempt me enough to even think out giving the board a try!!

all the while, miss thalia and i soaked up the rays and watched the goings-on...

here's to many more sunny days to come!!

prima ballerinas

last weekend we were all very busy with the girls year-end dance recital!

it was SO MUCH fun...and the girls can't wait to do it again! they are already asking when they can go on stage again!

karys was in two different dances and avery was in one...

getting ready...for her shirley temple "animal crackers"

waiting patiently in her jazzy ballet outfit

before the show poses...

and they're done!!
(i think their favourtie part was getting to wear make-up!)

we're glad for a little break this summer, but very excited for next year's dance already!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby B

not too sure if there are any inquiring minds out there, but I know I took a picture of me with the girls at this stage...and just remembered this evening that I was almost past the mark!!

so...i took two...on self timer...just for my own personal library...but then thought i'd share
this is what I got!

this pregnancy has gone by so a slow kinda way! far, everything has been exactly as with the girls!
i'm bulking out more on the sides than in the front, showing considerably more width than "baby belly"...and that's seriously about it!

my lungs feel a tad less capable of breathing deep, and fast walking immediately induces Braxton Hicks! But those are old hat...and I had them with both girls from about 15 weeks on!! much as I was somewhat dreading the heat of this summer...I was honestly expecting to be carrying #3 a lot more obviously, considering it is my third time 'round!

now, obviously, i know i still have my biggest months to come, but here's hoping this baby follows the suit of it's sisters and remains s.m.a.l.l.!! (6lbs7oz and 5lbs7oz!)

and...if all goes according to plan, we will be able to meet this little miracle at the end of August! In the case that doesn't happen, then I would LOVE to have it on September honour of my Dad!!

we shall see!

Friday, June 10, 2011

NEW CREATIONS over at Mairsy Doats

go on over to my other site and check out the latest's a sneak peek