Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby B

not too sure if there are any inquiring minds out there, but I know I took a picture of me with the girls at this stage...and just remembered this evening that I was almost past the mark!!

so...i took two...on self timer...just for my own personal library...but then thought i'd share
this is what I got!

this pregnancy has gone by so a slow kinda way! far, everything has been exactly as with the girls!
i'm bulking out more on the sides than in the front, showing considerably more width than "baby belly"...and that's seriously about it!

my lungs feel a tad less capable of breathing deep, and fast walking immediately induces Braxton Hicks! But those are old hat...and I had them with both girls from about 15 weeks on!! much as I was somewhat dreading the heat of this summer...I was honestly expecting to be carrying #3 a lot more obviously, considering it is my third time 'round!

now, obviously, i know i still have my biggest months to come, but here's hoping this baby follows the suit of it's sisters and remains s.m.a.l.l.!! (6lbs7oz and 5lbs7oz!)

and...if all goes according to plan, we will be able to meet this little miracle at the end of August! In the case that doesn't happen, then I would LOVE to have it on September honour of my Dad!!

we shall see!


kelly ens said...

you look GREAT! i think that's what my belly looked like at 4 months (if that!). Sept 14 would be very special indeed (plus it's E's birthday!).