Friday, June 24, 2011

baby names

...admittedly, I am at a loss!

not TOTALLY (as i DO have a name list started) but there are NO names that I am 100% S.O.L.D. on yet, and certainly NO names that Jim and I agree on!

So...that being said, i thought i'd take this chance to query you, my audience of...?!

can you please make us some name suggestions - Boy OR Girl as we are not 100% sure of the baby's gender YET!

our girls' names are:

KARYS NICOLLE and AVERY DANAE...and we would obviously want a name that "matched" something like George or Henry would really suite the more "unique" trend we've got going.

(keep in mind that we may actually use a name you suggest, so DON'T suggest anything you're not will to part with!)

looking forward to hearing your suggestions!!!!!

who do you think s/he looks like?!?


kelly ens said...

Well, as far as we can control, we're not having any more kids, so I'm willing to part with this name :)
girl: Adalia Jade (ah-DAY-lee-ah)
boy: I got nothin'. I've always like Noah (but considering there's already a Noah in the B family...) and i love Silas - i would have no problem if you wanted to use Silas as a first name.

Lisa said...

We didn't have a boys' name picked out either time (thank goodness we have two girls). As there are no more kids in the pic, I'll tell you my other name I loved for a girl (which I think I had mentioned to you before a couple of years ago). It's "Acacia" (ah-KAY-sha). Good luck with the boys' name- they're the tough ones!

rachel joy said...

Boys names are tricky for us, so much so that our 3 boys only have one name each!
I had "Tavia" (Tay-vee-ah) on my list for a long time. No girls came for us and my hubby was never convinced on it, but I still like it. Although it's maybe too similar to Avery. I recently heard "Malou" and thought it was cute and different, though not totally sure we could pull it off with our last name.