Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mairsy Doats Post I uploaded some new pictures over @ Mairsy Doats!!

go check it out and place your order!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


so, this has been in the works for a while (read: i've been really good at procrastinating!!)

but, it's finally up and running - with some wrinkles that will eventually get ironed out!!

go on over and check it out

Mairsy Doats - Custom Homemade Creations!!!

this is where i'll be posting pictures of things i've made and where you can go to place an order!

so...hope you like it!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

make a guess!!!

okay...i think i figured it out...

check out the poll i added to the side bar

and...make your guess!!!

as it mentions there, i feel the exact same as with the girls

i am craving everything (not swayed one way sweet/savoury)

i am not yet showing (@ 16.5 weeks)

my chinese calendar thing (that has been wrong every time) says "boy"

....what else?!

let me know if you'd like more specifics before making your guess!

YAY! i (heart) polls

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

flutters and beats

...two things that have caused me to smile as of late!!

i have been waiting to hear baby B's heart beat for WEEKS now!!! I thought i would be able to at my last last midwife's appt. but i was only 10.5 wks and she wasn't as intent as i was on finding it...stating it's too unlikely, but she'd give it a "try"

so then i had to wait until my next appt...4 weeks away!!!! so wait i did! and wait...and wait...and then the day came...and then, 2 hours before my appt, my midwife called and canceled!!!!

Jim was soo funny! He said "Can she even DO that?!"

So...then I had to wait...again...for another 5 days....

i'm not too sure why this was SO important to me...but i really felt like it was that ONE THING that would make it all real!! i doubt that makes sense to anyone seeing as how i had already had an ultrasound....

but the entire first trimester goes by so "silently" - aside from morning sickness - that it's hard to "know" if anything is really "happening"!

anyhow...that appt came and went and i finally heard the heart beat...and cried! i was so completely relieved!

it was the most incredible, miraculous, encouraging, beautiful, cute sound i have heard in a long time!!

and i have smiled every time i have thought about that moment!

the flutters have also started to be detectable....and had been PRIOR to me hearing the heart beat, but i didn't want to admit it until i KNEW that everything was "okay"...just a weird way for me to guard my heart a little longer, i suppose!?

but now i KNOW...and now i can admit...this baby's movin'!!!

so...that's all for now...just wanted to share my latest excitement with you!