Monday, September 22, 2008


Every time I look at the calendar and see that October is right around the corner...I get butterflies!! Not because it's a Fall month and I love Fall most of all, but because in October I must officially run my Half Marathon!! With money very low and my running schedule completely out the window - with moving and working - I get butterflies thinking about even making it TO Kelowna, and if that happens it means I have to go through with the run!! I am getting butterflies just thinking about it!

Now...I know that I did manage to get in a 20k run prior to leaving 100 Mile, but I have done very little running since then and am, therefore, feeling very inadequate! So...I have butterflies! And, when I am trying to purposefully focus on planning for teaching, the idea of running those 21.1k's creeps into my mind and gives me...butterflies!!

Anyhow - just thought I'd let you know! I am planning to get out there tonight - at some point! I was raring to go right when I got home from work and then it went a got sunny on me! And running in the afternoon heat is not something I enjoy! So, in a few hours, my feet better be moving!

Hope you are enjoying the sun, on this first day of Fall! Perhaps, a sign of things to come!


Anonymous said...

you can do it... the funny thing about the human body is that once you have run 20 kms.. your body will remember... i dont know how, but it does...
if you can stay healthy and get in a few short runs a week and one longer one...
you will be smiling!!
hang in there! Karleigh