Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have my laptop up and running!! Which means I get to post pictures!! Since we moved I have just been using my Mom's computer and it doesn't have anywhere for me to stick my picture card to upload all my treasures:(

So...I geniusly decided that I would: unplug the blue cord from my Mom's computer that is hooked into the box that brings the internet into the house and stick it in a plug on my laptop that looked similar! I know... call my Einstein!!

Anyhow, it worked and now I have some pictoral updating to do!! Here goes nuthin'!!
Let's start with a few pictures of the mayhem we created during our weekend moving-spree!!

Laying it all out to try and make some sense of the mess! Cupboards unloaded and ready to!

More cupboard mess! How do you classify one pile of junk from another??

Avery's barren room - me no like it! I found it difficult to put her to sleep in here, being so bare!

Some cool shades we found in amidst the chaos!

And...check 'em out!! Stripey bugged-out socks! FUN!!


And now... onto my birthday:) Here's some pictures taken that day!!

Me and my girls....

Yummy cupcakes made from scratch by my Mom!
Fantastic Four!!

A little gift from my Granny - who, quite obviously, is glad that we are finally "HOME"! (I know it's hard to see, but we are holding 4 letters that hang on the wall spelling H-O-M-E!)


And now...onto my most recent race:) This year I decided to participate in the Terry Fox Run - and as mentioned in my last post, I ran my 10k in under an hour! And Jim and the girls were there as my fans!!!

Get Set....


No...there weren't only us 3 running, but there were few enough of us to get quite spread out from the get-go!

Go Mummy Go!!!!

All DONE!!

So glad to be wearing my shirt, made by none other than shmellowyellow herself!!

~Well, that's it for now!! Many pictures remaining to be posted, but they shall wait for another time:)


Barley Girl said...

i love you. Do you know that? I just cant get enough of the way you see the world.
no wonder we are friends...
way to go on the 10 kms under an hour. That is a huge acommplishment and one I strive for!!
havea great weekend!!