Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's Love List...

Well, I am a blogging slacker!! I have noticed a sad pattern in my posts as of late...only on Fridays:( So sorry for my reader! I will get in a grrove one day, and then I will have the time and desire to update you on my life! But, right groove=no blog! Except on Friday:) Here it goes...

.:1:. That I made it through my first week on School!! In my first real job!!! I don't know if it just hasn't sunk in yet...or, iwth me, if it will EVER sink in, but it's so much fun!! Fun in a way that makes me think "this is gonna end's can't be this enjoyable all the time...can it?" Well, I'll take the postive perspective and outlook and say "YES, it CAN be this enjoyable!"

.:2:. My kids - biological and non! All together I have 24!! And they're all so different and unique and I am glad that they are mine to help...I only hope that I can do them justice!!

.:3:. Getting home from work and finding out that Daddy took Karys on a date to the beach!

.:4:. Photocopying - it!! And maybe that novelty will wear off as well, but when I have something to photocopy, it means I have something planned which makes me feel accomplished - for that moment at least:)

.:5:. Finding out about friends' babies arriving!!! Welcome Mason and Ezra!! Hope I can meet you two soon!! Way to go Kels and Kel!!!

.:6:. Getting UNDER an hour on my 10k this past Sunday! I know...for some out there, that's nothing to blink at, but I am slow! And under and hour was a goal for me:)

.:7:. That Jim and the girls were able to be at the race with me!! I love having a cheering section, and it doesn't happen often, so this time was GREAT! SO nice to know that your running across the finish line to celebrate with someone...not just for yourself!!

.:8:. Making connections...Jim just started his job this week and he's getting to know people around town! It's nice that he's making his own connection here now so it won't just be me feeling "at home!"

.:9:. Dressing the girls up in matching dresses! I know...visions of therepy in their future, but they look cute and it's only occasionally!! So, for this wedding we have tomorrow, they'll be twins! Thanks Lisa!!

.:10:. end it all on my bestest note...FALL!!! I LOVE FALL!! I love getting out the warm clothes, I love the foggy/cloudy days, I love the smell of the leaves turning colour - YES, you can smell them changing - I love the idea of school-time around Thanksgiving, I love that this year we will be able to enjoy the crisp weather without it taking 20 mintues to get ready, and that we'll be able to breath outside without our lungs closing shut, I love that it gives me an excuse to start doing baking with spices in it, and more than anything, I love that it means we're evn closer to...Christmas!!!


kelly said...
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kelly said...

yay for #1 and 6 - BIG accomplishments on very different grounds :)
We hope to see you guys soon...before Ezra weighs more than Avery :)