Friday, September 12, 2008


Yipppeeeee!! I am soo excited to do today's post!! Not that my news will be anything that exciting for friends on Facebook, but I have been waiting to blog about this topic for what seems like FOREVER!!! So, let's get started!!

.:1:. Getting my first, official teaching job! Like a real contract! No more TOCing this year!! No more making tentative plans, based only on whether I get called in at 6AM!! I have an official school, with the greatest staff and the best children!! Not including mine, of course!! The school where I will be working is one that I have been involved with since 2000! So, I have a connection there that I was really hoping, and praying, I would be able to strengthen! And now I have the chance! Although I am freaked out of my mind, because following the "Teacher's" day plan now means following MY day plan, I am also very excited about this new opportunity!

.:2:. What could top #1?? Nothing really, but there ARE still good things happening that can make up the rest of the list!! So, next would be....getting to finally go out to our favorite restaurant here on the Coast - and with a purpose of celebrating!! This pasta place is to die for! And although Karys was pretty grouchy, the food made up for the whispered threats being made across the table to a 2 1/2 year old who refused to enjoy any aspect of life! ...until we were right about to leave!! Of course!

.:3:. The newly realized reality of some semblance of routine that is soon to be present in our lives! WOW!! We haven't had "routine" in our life for...EVER! Now with both Jim and I acquiring relatively full-time work, we're gonna really have to be on the ball with meals, schedules, etc!

.:4:. Surprises...and no longer having to keep secrets!! This past Wednesday I hosted a Bridal Shower for my older sister, who is getting married in 2 weeks!! And, as much as I love surprises - giving and receiving - I am not a good 'hider'! Like I kept leaving pieces of paper that had shower plans/menu ideas on them and my sister kept finding them! Leaving the awkward silence more awkward to fill!! Anyhow - it went off without a hitch and fun was had by all!!

.:5:. Enjoying the reality of living in a small town - walking distance to everywhere!! This week I have had the pleasure of taking the girls wherever I go!! Not that I used to leave them when I went somewhere, but simply having to load them into the stroller and walk away just seems so much more convenient! And, when Avery is down for one of her marathon naps, and Karys and I are getting bored, we enjoy taking the 2 block walk into town and either going to visit the library (awesome-books-overload!!), or strolling through the mall, or even going a bit further down to the beach!! It is good to be back stay!!

.:6:. Having this week off before getting this new job - and although it didn't feel like a blessing at the time, when I kept being NOT called in - both Jim and I have had a good week to get small things done and just feel that much more settled-in before getting fully involved in "working" life!!

.:7:. The thought of being "housewifey" in a more deliberate way!! With the reality of Jim returning to a more normal job in a few days, I have been itching to get my Bosch machine out and make those fateful "work buns"! The buns that he has had in his lunch every day since he started work! Yup, no joke! I mean his mom's are 100x better than mine, but if there's bun in the freezer that what he takes!! So, I am hoping to get them baked off this weekend! Where I'll find the time is another question!!

.:8:. Veggie Platters! What?!?! I know - seems pretty lame! But, I love the ever-ready healthiness of those freshly cut-up crunchy sticks! And as yummy as they are, I never feel guilty for my over-consumption!! So, because of hosting a shower, I have been enjoying the residual contents of the veggie/fruit platters ever since! Why I don't make up my own fruit/veggie platters for no apparent reason is beyond me, but maybe THAT'S apparent reason!!

.:9:. My hubby's newly found desire to join me for my runs!! YAY!!!! And although I can never go as far when he decides to come, I am always up for company for ANY distance, rather than no company for a long distance!

.:10:. Getting mentally prepared to run the Half Marathon!! The deadline is fast approaching and I know that things are way more mental than physical! So, I am continually prepping my mind for getting thru those miles!! Although, my training is very much lacking!! I am planning on doing the 10k Terry Fox run here in 2 weeks and then have 2 weeks until the Half!! And then my running partner and I will train for another Half that takes place HERE on the Coast in April and I am planning on doing the SunRun again too!! So, as long as I keep my legs moving, I am hoping that all of these goals are attainable!

~ So, that's it for me this week!! I hope yours went well too! And, hope you enjoy your weekend!!


kelly said...

MAJOR HOORAH for #1!!!!! SO awesome!!!! we are rejoicing with you guys in this news. :)

Sarah said...

I really enjoy reading your posts-I feel like I'm sitting beside you as you chat about your life! It's great :-)
AND that's very exciting news about your teaching position, although I want more details like grade, subjects, days, etc.

Dawn said...

Great news... all of it! I hope you're really enjoying this whole new chapter in your life!

see you soon!