Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm A Pro... Procrastination!! It's a well-known fact in our household!! And now with the "things-to-do" list including daily prep for my job, this lingering characteristic has reared it's fuzzy head - again!!

Being that I have held my degree for over 4 years now, procrastination and I have not really been on speaking-terms! Maybe a few visits every now and again when I had put off some house-cleaning or baking!? But, other than that, I've tried to avoid her calls! Previous, however, to my graduation, my hubby can highly attest to the remifications of my close friendship with procrastination!! Like, being alone in bed until 5:30am, when I had finally finished my paper for an 9am class - in Burnaby, leaving from Abbotsford at 7:45!!!

I had begun to think that our friendship was over! But, alas, as some of you may well know, it is hard for me to let go!! And so, when this job came up and I realized that it would take my commetiment to planning for daily lessons, I thought "No problemo!" I can commit my time in the morning before class and my time in the evening, after the girls go to bed, to planning! And my lessons will be great and my kids will love me!! Well, my lessons have gone over well and I have no idea how my kids view their new teacher, but I know that procrastination has paid me a visit - like one of those annoying friends who you haven't heard from in a long time and who - all of a sudden gets - in touch with you and wants you to drop everything in order for you to sit through countless stories of what has happened in the past eons of their life! Yup, she's back, she's paid me a visit, and I am sitting here...listening!!