Friday, February 26, 2010

{morning adventures}

So...the other week, a friend of mine and I decided that we'd take our kids on a morning adventure to a local restaurant for breakfast!

Some of you may not think that there is any issue is accomplishing such a thing, but please note that this particular group of folks includes 5 children under four with a set of 8 month old twins! Needless to say, our hubbies happily went to work that morning!

Tea was drunk, or drank?...consumed!
{aren't they SOOO cute?!!}

pancakes consumed,

and tables left in shambles...

but we survived! And, had a good time doing it!

Either our kids are exceptionally well behaved or...


kelly ens said...

i'd say you rock! that's quite the feat. way to go :)

Barley Girl said...

yeah Id say that too.. you rock!

Suzy said...

Um, ya. You rock.