Friday, February 26, 2010

{embracing the independence...}

...of a four year old!

Karys had been asking me for...a while..."when can I get a new earring Mummy?"

me: "Karys, you have lots of earrings, we can change them whenever you want."

k: "Nooooo, another earring, like you have."

me: " mean another hole for an earring in your ear??" (Like, seriously, you've noticed this??)

k: "Yaaaaaaaa!!! Like you!! I want earring, earring, earring, and earring, earring, earring!" (Yes, I do have 3 holes in each lobe - not to mention 2 holes in the cartilage and my darling daughter has noticed this!)

me: "Oh, well, that means you'd have to go to the store that pierces ears and the lady would have to take a needle and poke a hole in your ear." (Yes, I admit, I was trying to scare her out of the decision)

k: "Ok, when can I do it??"

Feeling like i had not other ammunition to support me, I simply said "You'd have to go ask Daddy." Seriously, I was certain this girl would - like she typically does - forget what she was doing on her way to ask. But she didn't, and Jim came out saying "She's saying something about different earrings....?"

me: "No...she wants another hole for an earring!"

Jim: "Oh...sure....why not?"

me: *gulp* "Ok...K, Daddy said yes, but remember what Mummy said, it's going to hurt."

k: "Yep, I know, can we go now?"

me: "Umm...well...." Now, I am trying my hardest to figure out what else I can say??? "Karys, I guess you'll have to get your piggy bank and see if you have enough money!"

k: "okay...!" and off she shot like a bullet!

We counted the $ and I had nothing left to deter her....

So, of we went!

Karys with her money

Sitting in the piercing chair

Moved over to the bed because "What a girl wants!"

Done deed...can you tell??? NOPE!


This girl WILL teach me her definition of "determination" and "independence" - and I pray that I have the grace embrace it!