Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{mr.sun & smoothies}

okay, so this is twice in one week, but don't go thinkin' i've gone and gotten things together enough to start posting regularly! i just found a pocket of time and a few pictures...that's all you need right?!

mr. sun decided to come a pay us a much-welcomed visit yesterday! we thought we'd take the opportunity to get out and keep him company...

not to mention...pound back 3 little cups of yogurt each!
it was so nice to have the chance to sit with my girlies out in the warm sun!
(and NO I didn't forget to clothe my youngest child! we're simply going thru a 'training' session...if you will!!)

on another note: here are some recent changes on the home-front...literally:)


before-before: this area used to be right off the living room. It opened up into a sort of 'sun room.' Basically, it was a cold, unusable space that we thought would be much more suitable as a covered part of outside deck. So...


So, I guess ther are some perks to having your husband be laid-off for the past 3 months!? But that's neither here nor there...right?? RIGHT??!!!


and lastly - i thought i'd take some pictures of the smoothie-goodness we've been enjoying, as of late!

i call it my 'one-cup wunder' -
throwing in a plethora (love that word) of ingredients, all with a 1C measurement:)

and YES, it IS green! but that makes it all the better for you, my dear:)

that's all for now, folks!

~blessings to you and yours...


Anonymous said...

ok christina.. that drink looks disgusting.. but the kids probly love it..
as for the deck, gorgeous...
and keep in mind that that deck would have cost you at least 12 thousand dollars to have it done for you.. not too shabby.. never underestimate the gift of a handy husband.
looking good!!