Saturday, June 5, 2010

{her debut}

karys had her first ballet recital this afternoon...and we were all quite excited about it! she did a great job...not shy, nervous, or distracted at all!

she's looking forward to doing the 2 remaining shows tomorrow, after skipping the one that was one tonight...yup, four shows for this little four year old!

ready to go...

looking so pretty

daddo trying to create calm amidst the chaos

silly mummy didn't remove her silly shades...argh!

let the show begin...

here they come!!!!

there she is! *tear*

proud of herself...and so she should be!

i'm looking forward to seeing how she feels about her performance tomorrow...and what she chooses to be a part of (or not) next year! she already has quite the list in her head...we'll see how that plays out.

note: there's a post in the making...i'm just missing some photos that are very pertinent to the text...stay tuned;)


kelly ens said...

SOOOOO cute! Are you taking any video of the performance? no doubt you are a proud momma! :)