Monday, June 28, 2010


last week i was graciously able to go to the city for the day for some much-anticipated "girl-time" - while jim went to work and my lovely mother watched the girls.

once jim got home, gram's duties were done, and 'daddy-duty' started. this is NOT something that is uncommon - we are blessed in this home to have a daddy who quite willingly signs up for 'daddy-duty.'

during their time together i know that a lot goes on that wouldn't if i were there...and for that i am happy! i love that the girls find freedom and fun in time with their well as while they're with me!

i did feel a twinge of guilt that day, however, when the time came for me to have dinner on the table and i was still on the other side of the ferry terminal - as in a couple hours away! i called jim and just mentioned that they'd need something to eat, but not to worry, they'd be 100% satisfied with cereal or toast. my surprise...i came home to a clean house (which is not out of the ordinary...i told you i'm blessed) and a suggestion that i take a look on the camera at some recent pictures.

this is what i found...

a proud picture
of a proud papa's creation for his little ones!
(pls ignore K's expression...she's simply forgot to remind her face that she's happy)

it made me so happy that after a long, hot day's work, he didn't just take the "easy way" out...but took a little extra time and effort to let his girls (all three of us) know how much he cares!

...i'm blessed!