Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{i am blessed}

i made this video a while back when jim had to go away for work. i realized with his absence how much he means to me and the girls. i missed his presence and his unconditional love...i had a hard time uploading when i made it, and just figured out how to do it. i wanted to share this because the feelings behind my making the clip still resonate within me today.

~i am blessed...truly blessed.


kelly ens said...

it says the video is private, so i can't view it :(

Anonymous said...

i think it's fixed now?! obviously i THOUGHT i had figured things out;P hope it works now!!


Jody & Melissa said...

L.O.V.E. this video!!! Gorgeous tribute to Jim! And I love how there's a picture of Jim & his beloved Timmys.

Christina B said...

HA Mo, I put that one in for that exact reason...only YOU would notice it;)