Monday, June 28, 2010

{crayola magic}

here's an awesome way to use up the remnants of your's a project Karys and I did the other week while Avery was sleeping...and it was a hit!

first: get a piece of wax paper and find all your broken crayons and choose 2-3 colours that you like...

second: scrounge through kitchen cupboards to locate a grater whose use you won't require tonight at dinner! once located...start grating!!

third: once all the colours have been grated, place a second piece of wax paper over top.
fourth: place wax paper sandwich on a sheet of newspaper, and fold that newspaper over the wax paper (are you getting my drift?!)...iron very carefully, making sure not to smooth the iron over the paper, but just gently press it over the entire area.

fifth: uncover your creation...and blow on it a little (you don't have to do that, but K wanted

sixth: once cooled, figure out what you can turn it into...

seventh: and...VOILA!

all this in seven easy steps:) ...enjoy!!