Monday, June 28, 2010

{father's day...revisited}

so, as mentioned previously, father's day (like the actual day) was INSANE for us this year, so i took it upon myself to make it father's day on thursday, instead of sunday...making sure i paid all due respect to my incredible husband, and giving the girls ample time to express their love to their incredible Dado!

they did a little craft for him...

[hard at work]

[having lots of fun]

[finished product]

and an "at-home" mini photo shoot...

[dressed in Daddy's finest]

[or should i call it a "goofy shoot"?!]

oh MY these two make me laugh!!

and the one that made the cut...

i made him this card and created a little basket filled with an assortment of his beverage of choice...

but...the big-ticket item this year was this trusty back-yard companion that he was completely NOT expecting;) (yay me!)

all in was a great day - thursday or sunday or any day...we're blessed with a great Daddy!!