Monday, June 14, 2010

{ a school-girl}
(pun intended)

well, my stuff has arrived, so my "post-in-the-making" can now be made.

get a load of this win-fall:

{pan left}

{pan right}

i have had a lot of time to ponder my composition of this post...but nothing too witty of enlightening has bloomed in this brain of mine.

in January our family made the executive decision that we will start homeschooling in the Fall. this is something that jim and i have considered, even before having kids...but obviously had no need to commit to a decision until now, with Kindergarten on the horizon.

this is a decision we did not take lightly. and it is something we feel very strongly about. we know this is what we should do...we know this is something we are being called to do...we know this isn't a "cop-out" or a selfish excuse to hold onto our kids for longer (although it is an added bonus for sure)...we know this isn't a popular decision that will be openly accepted by all people we share this with, as it's already been questioned by about 50% of the people we tell! we know this adventure will have its ups and downs, but this is something we feel called to do...a way of raising our children that will help us carry out our calling to raise caring, responsible, Godly girls...

we are so excited about this opportunity and all the "newness" and "discovery" it brings with it.

the most recent being choosing all the "stuff" in the pictures above...board games, story books, card games, figurines, and some books for me, at the latest homeschooling conference in Surrey. it was so fun to get together with local Mum's and head into the city.

so...with all these fun things waiting, still unopened, in our new "school room," we eagerly anticipate September...the beginning of a new chapter in our life...

...oh, the places we'll go!

[stay tuned for a close-up look at the incredible things i got @ the conference that make up K's curriculum for the Fall]


kelly ens said...

the Lord KNOWS i am not someone that could pull off home-schooling (i'm not sure who it would be worse for...the kids or me), but i think you are definitely the right person to home school. i think it's a wonderful choice and totally support you guys in this. Yay teacher Mommy! :)