Monday, December 7, 2009

look who's TWO!!

come along...on a picture-walk with me...thru the past 2 years of my baby's life! they have passed me by at lightening speed!

{brand new}

{in between now and then}

{i'm ONE}

and, in our birthday tradition, what's a birthday morning without your "birthday cake" pancakes?

Avery's newest face when she sees a camera..."CHEEEEEESE!"

can you sense a pattern here??

She DOES have pretty cute eyes!

So, that's it! Our baby is now 2! And leading up to this day I had to continue to remind myself of her age! Because an off-the-cuff response would always render the response "she's turning one!" Seriously, this year has FLOWN by!

Avery has continued to be a large source of joy, laughter and unconditional love in our family! She is a true gift and a huge blessing! So much has changed in the past year with her learning loads of new things, but one thing that has remained the same (which I will be sad to see slowly disappear) is her ability to continue sleeping like a newborn! Well, okay, maybe that the wrong choice of words, seeing as how newborns seem to make one rather sleep-deprived! Maybe a comparison would be her sleeping like a 6 month old?? Whatever the case, this chicky still naps 2x/day!! And along with that - she goes to bed at 7:30! I think all that sleep must aid in the ability to be as happy as she is!!

She's picking up on new words! And it's so funny to hear phrases we use coming out of her mouth! Like the other day when she was trying to pick up a noodle on her fork and getting frustrated at not being able to she said "Come ON!!" Once a new noodle complied with her attempts, she proudly showed us all her fork and said "good JOB!"

No success, as of yet, with regards to the potty and being 100% trained. She knows about it, and knows that she should be in diapers, but simply couldn't be bothered to take the time to go and sit in the bathroom! So...there may be some ensuing battles on that front, but no rush!

All in all, we can't believe she's two, can't believe how happy she normally is, and cannot imagine (nor would we want to) life without our little "bean"!

Now, take a boo of the rest of her birthday before my camera decided to go on the fritz and not document any keepsake photos of her blowing out her candles or partaking in her scrumptious cake!

{the cake}

{alternate view of my first-ever attempt at anything beyond icing with a knife}

{insert picture here of Avery blowing out her candles}

{insert picture here of Avery taking her first bite of her cake}



{i'm tee-ooooo - as Avery would say!}

{our cutie}

{miss avery danae...two years old}


kelly ens said...

in the fourth to last photo (cheese face), she looks SO much like Karys!
GREAT job on the cake, Christina!

happy birthday Avery, you sweet little doll! :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthady affie!
love karleigh