Monday, November 30, 2009

november 30th...


contrary to the seasonal characteristics these following images may posses, they were taken today. TODAY! November the day before December!

needless to say, my family took 100% advantage of this blessed ball of warmth beating down on us today! the girls and i bundled up and headed down to a local park by the ocean while Jim used the kid-free time to finish off the lattice portion of the 80ft fence he has constructed on our yard! (note: pictures coming! I'm so proud of all the work he has done for us!)

shortly after getting to the park and attempting to climb all over things, the girls realized how chilly it was, so i headed back to the truck to grad their mitts and then used the rest of my time to capture some concrete evidence of this spectacular day! enjoy...the unedited version!

{wilderness adventure}

{my big girl}

{my baby}

{little wonders three}

{pictures courtesy of Karys}
Avery saying "cheese"


Mummy saying "cheese!"

my personal favourite! Good job Sissy!

well, there ya have it! if you made this far...thru all of those pictures...good on ya! hope you had as sunny of a day as we did! we feel blessed...


kelly ens said...

SO gorgeous - the weather and you three beauties!

rachel cornelsen said...

great photos! the weather looked fab! it was here too, as well as today too! hope it's nice where you are also!

Anonymous said...

great pic.. miss you too.. oh so far...
love the creativeity inthese shots...
thinking of you!