Friday, November 13, 2009


so, as life continues to pass us by at an alarming rate of speed,
we're rolling with it.
all the twists and turns. all the ups and downs.
stuff is getting done on the house,
i'm running a bit more than before,
(since my last Half, i haven't had as much get-up-and-go)
the girls are being "girls"
and i'm getting some chances
-here and there-
to get my craft on
here are a few pictures
of life....
in the Fall

one of my latest creations...a 1/2 apron!
{I hope to post a pic of my first full apron creation...soon}

Fall fun


Kare Bear

Cute cuddles


Silly Sisters
Yard work

Serious business

Avery saying "cheeeese"...Karys, posing

Our girls

Our silly girls

3yrs 11 months

1yr 11 months's hoping you enjoy your upcoming Fall weekend
and the company you're with...
I know I will!, off to sew up a storm!


kelly ens said...

gorgeous girls!
cute apron :)
i like the fall blog template.

Niki said...

Great outdoor pictures of your girls!

And the apron is ADORABLE!!! Can't wait to see your full apron, as this is one of the things I'd like to make yet. Share your pattern or inspiration source, pleas! :)