Monday, November 23, 2009

getting my craft on

So...while the in-laws were here, and given that Jim has been out of work for....a while (!!) we've been blessed to be able to get quite a bit of "stuff" done on the house.

And by "stuff," I really mean a lot of construction mumbo-jumbo. The details of which I'll spare you from enduring, because it's tough enough for me to wrap my head around all the terms and explanations while looking interested when Jim is taking me through the accomplishments of his day! Usually the tour ends by me saying something to the effect of "Wow Babe...looks great!" And I'm being honest...truly! I just didn't really absorbe anything he just said.

And by "stuff," I also mean that things have been shuffled around enough that I have finally gotten my craft room!!

It's basically filled with everything I have aquired over the years to do all the crafty things I have attempted:)

Space enough for our wireless printer and router, I can have my ironing board set up and still be free to move!

The best part of it all it that when I am done for the moment, or even for the day, I can simply walk out and close the door! No need to pack everything up and put all the little things in their little places while trying to remember where everything fit before I took it all out! Nope...just love it and leave it!'s a look at some things I've finished since "moving in"!

{wall art}
inspired by my ever-amazing friend

{full apron...finally}

Orders anyone???

The list of projects I have in mind to accomplish before Christmas makes me ever-more grateful for this space! Now, to continue getting my craft on!!


Niki said...

How exciting to have a craft room! Looks great and I know how nice it would be to be able to not have to put it away each time. And to be able to just walk in there and pick up where you last left off.

And both your crafts are STUNNING! I am a little partial to the apron though! The fabrics you chose and the cute little ruffle are lovely! I'm jealous! ;) Did you use a pattern?

kelly ens said...

nice that you finally have a room like this for yourself!
CUTE apron - i love it! are you selling on etsy yet????? :)

rachel cornelsen said...

so awesome you have a craft room! i am definately looking forward to that day :) love the wall art and apron! they look great!