Sunday, December 13, 2009

worms and dirt and painting...OH MY!!

Well, the time has come! My first baby has turned four and just finished celebrating with a true party!

But let's start at the beginning...

While leading up to this very special day, Karys and I did a lot of talking about what kind of birthday party she wanted and which friends she wanted to invite! We came to the decision that she would like a "garden" party and so we started on the invitations! Thankfully for her, only one good friend was unable to make it, but seeing as how Taeya lives far away, Karys understood!

Here's a look at the invitations...

a flowerpot with the details, and stem with their name,
and then a little tempting sampler...something hiding in the "dirt"

an invitation garden

my excited "big girl"

So, once the invitation were all delivered, all we could do was...wait! And that's not easy for an excited almost four year old:) But wait she did, and her birthday came...and she couldn't have been more happy!

traditional birthday cake pancake...almost ready

all set...sprinkles and syrup!

Let the party-prepping begin...

garden sammies...a real hit!

a first for me...but this stuff is GOOD!
{variation: I used Skor Bar}

all the goodies...

the flower pot...filled with mud, dirt and worms!!

I can't believe Karys is four! I can believe that we had a great time celebrating her and watching her thoroughly enjoy having her closest friends with her to play with.

It's hard to believe four.whole.years have passed since we brought our first little bundle home on that chilly December evening! She has taught me priceless life lessons. Lessons only a child can teach: Humility in times of regret...patience in times of frustration...true laughter in times of happiness...unconditional love. Karys has a mind of her own, and has had since And as much as this attribute has caused much frustration and a "battle of wills" on my part, my prayer for her is that God would be able to harness her confidence, instilling in her that virtue of self-confidence that can be so lacking in girls as they grow up. As much as I feel inadequate at times, I am confident of this: God gave Karys to Jim and I to raise because He saw us fit to raise her up into the women He desires her to be. It's a responsibility I don't take lightly. I am honoured by and proud of her fourth year with's to a new year, new discoveries, new memoires.

{feel free to click on the collage to get a better look at all the pictures:)}


kelly ens said...

the party looks amazing! Great theme and decorating!
we are So sad we couldn't come....*sigh*
happy birthday Karys - love, taeya.

Suzy said...

Wow, you really do up the birthday parties right!

Hey, I was wondering if you're planning on running the Ft Langley half this year. Are you? I've already signed up and I am hoping that I can see you there!