Sunday, December 27, 2009

~ and the fog rolled in ~

Christmas morning sunrise

so, on top of an awesome morning with our girls enjoying the excitement of their new gifts, Christmas day gave us another memory to cherish. the sun was out in it's full glory...and the best part of mr. sun showing his face is that because we live on top of a steep hill, mr. sun was shining mainly on us!

in between our small family present-opening and the rest of our afternoon, we paid a visit to gram's house - where the fog had socked everyone in like an air-chilled sauna! my mum didn't even know the sun was shining anywhere! was shining, and we took some time in this blessed day to enjoy a walk in our back-yard paths...through the sunshine and fog!

and we're off

incredible fog-hugged frosted foliage

~foggy sisters~


~clear discussion~

~light of hope~


clearly, we've been busy savoring the moments of this Christmas season! so, i will try and get back on here before 2010 to update you with some festive family pictures...but i'm really enjoying this time with my clan! so...if i don't make it back here, know that i'm busy enjoying these last few days of 2009!

may you bring in this new year with friends and family, laughter and love! and may you be blessed in 2010!


kelly ens said...

looks fantastic - can't wait to see the trails with my own eyes :)
see you soon!