Tuesday, December 22, 2009

{gingerbread houses and potty-training}

they go hand-in-hand....right?!?

well, not really, but it's catchy! and they go together in this house! so, in further preparation of all things Christmasy and starting new family traditions, we decided to construct a gingerbread house for the second year in a row! and by construct, i mean just that! no "make-you-feel-good-like-Martha-Stewart-BAKE-your-house-before-you-decorate" kind of construction! just the real simple "pull-it-out-of-the-box-and-stick-together-with-all-provided-goodness" kind of construction!
the girls had a great time...wanting to get the perfect candy to stick in the perfect place! And sometimes...that was even on the house!

{preparing the icing}

{on-site contractor}



{final product...proud builders}

* * * * * *
as for the potty-training portion of today's post...here's a peek of the leaps and bound we may (or may not) be making...

our Bean is such a joy in so many ways, that's it's hard for us to be hard-nosed about this one little, tiny aspect of life...losing the diapers! So, given the success you've just has the joy of viewing, we're kinda taking a step back, being thankful that she's so bright and fun and loving - in a diaper - and hoping that little Miss may take the lead when she feels "ready." until then...we'll keep enjoying watching these moments of our attemps!

life around here is getting more festive and family-filled by the moment! we're having an open-house tomorrow and our first turkey dinner in the new house on Christmas eve, with the in-laws, followed by a promisingly oh-so-busy-yet-super-fun Christmas day which also involves another turkey dinner! so posts will be sparse, to say the least! but my family is SO worth it!

i wish for you: fun...love-filled moments...priceless family memories...laughter...an understanding of the true JOY this season holds...yummy treats...peaceful nights...a quiet mind...an at-this-moment acceptance of life and self...hope...goals for the New Year...anticipation of things to come...an unexpected present...the sense of Emmanuel - God with Us...comfort...and joy.

{Merry Christmas and blessings to you in 2010}


kelly ens said...

love the gingerbread house! :)
is avery falling asleep ON the potty????? hilarious!
we so would love to be there tonight!
we wish you, jim, Karys & Avery a VERY blessed Merry Christmas together in your new home with your families.
you are incredible friends whom we love and miss and pray the Lord's blessings over!
love you!

Anonymous said...

love you too, merry christmas...
K &c.. and b,p and s...