Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Friday?!?!?!

HOW did that happen?! Honestly!! I was planning on posting at least 3 times this week!! Whoa - that one sped by:(

Anyhow - I must be off to bed for an early Saturday morning rise! I am heading into the big city to hang out with a friend and a bunch of other girls:) FUN!

So...what I'm trying to get at is that this week were gonna have to ix-ney the ist-ley!! Get it?? Today's list is a no-go:( So sorry to my avid fans!! (yeah right!)

But, quickly because I need my beauty sleep, things have been going excellently!! We are loving life! My work and Jim's work both continue to be "enjoyable," as far as work goes!! Mine moreso than his, I'm sure!! The girls continue to entertain us daily with their mulitple personalities! Nope...not thinking therapy, just knowing it comes with the territory! Seriously though, their attitudes can change in an instant!! Kinda gives us a sneak-peak into how God sees us as adults! "Please, I waaaannnnnnt it!"... "Not right now"...." no like you!" maybe it's just my kid and my attitude needing to be put in check, but either way, it's humbling and an experience!!

I honestly can't believe that it's Friday already, but more than that...its freakin' October!! When did that happen?? ACK!!!! That means my Half Marathon is NEXT WEEK!! Seriously...I feel a panic attack coming on...if not now, then surely sometime in the next week! Oh, the pressure! But, I am looking forward to that day - the anxiety, the hype, the crisp air, the burning lungs, the cramping legs, and the finish line! me...please...reach the finish line! I seriously have so many mixed feelings about this race! I canNOT believe that I have made it! Not only to this date, but that I have actually stuck with this training! I started out simply trying to get back in shape from having Avery! Back in March/April, once most of the snow was gone, I bundled up myself and the girls and we headed out daily to walk the lake trail! And once I had that down-pat, when Jim got home from work, I'd head out on my own! And suddenly, my walks turned into walks with a bit of joging thrown in! And then once, I ran the entire route around the lake! An astonishing 2.7k!! Whoa! And now...I'm on the brink of conquring 21.1k!

Who would have thought...I ...would make it?! A testiment in itself! IF I can do it...anyone can do it! This race marks the success of all those cursed evenings! All those blisters and cramped muscles! All those times when I just wanted to give up, turn around and call it quits! And I could have! I trained entirely by myself for this whole thing! There was no one coming to the door to drag my butt out onto that trail! And there was no one kicking my butt along the trail saying "keep going!" But I did it! I did it for so many reasons! And...I'm sure...even for so many reasons that I am yet aware of! But, proudly, I did it for my girls, for Jim and for me! They, and we as a family, deserve a Mummy who is fit and in a positive mental space about herself and her position in the family! So, this is it! Coming onto the week before the DAY! And I did it! I honeslty don't think that I will completely understand the importance of all that time I put into training until I cross that finish line first Half Marathon!

So - totally past my bedtime! And went way off in a direction I wasn't intending! Hope it was okay! And...hope you enjoy your weekend! Count your blessings and give yourself credit for who you are!


Anonymous said...

So proud of you! I knew you could do it! Wish I couls be there to cheer you on!

Anonymous said...

IT's Julie by the way! I forgot I was signed on anonymously ....

Niki said...

You are so inspiring, Christina! I almost feel like taking up running after reading your post!

Can't wait to read your "I DID IT!"-post and see pictures from your day! :)