Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just Because She Can...

...and it's not even for Halloween!

As I have mentioned before, when Karys gets an idea in her head...she runs with it! So, if she's liking a colour and wants to wear some clothes that match - then everything has to match!

For that past 2 months - which seems like forever - we've been living out of boxes, since moving into my mum's place and her understandably not have 3 spare rooms magically prepared for us! And in the recent days/weeks we've been slwoly putting things in their place! day, when I had dumped all of Avery's cothes on the floor to sort through, Krys got an idea to be "red"! Not that she was just enjoying the colour...she wanted to BE the colour!

So - this is her attempt....

At being the colour RED....

Using all of Avery's clothes! Obviously a challenge-seeker! You wouldn't want to stick to garments even 12 months and up! Nope...

Oh right! And you can't forget the boots!! She's already got a shoe fetish and when she finds footwear that has been out-of-sight/packed away/hidden for a while, she becomes even more obsessed!

Told ya! ...obsessed!

And, no...we didn't let her go to bed wearing these! Not that it's a big deal - we may have let her had she asked us! The funniest part of this for us was watching her find her boots and put them the dark!! (We have a TV monitor and the reflective parts of the boots showed up very well through the night-vision camera!!)
I am sooo behind in my posts! But this could be seen as a good thing becasue I am surely not lacking for ideas! Just some time to share them!! Hope your week is going well! And hope to be back on here sooner than later...but my report cards are looming!!


annette said...

Boy, she sure seems like she has a great creative side and a fun personality. I bet there's never a dull moment in your household!