Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marathon Post...

...about my Half Marathon:) (cheesy I know, but it's my attempt at being witty!)

So folks - Sunday was the day! And seeing as how it is now Tuesday, and I'm alive here typing, I must have completed my Half Marathon! Or...my hang-nail bit worked?!
Nope - I did it!! I completed my first Half Marathon and am alive to tell about it! So, tell about it I will!
After a cozy, short sleep leading up to the morning of the race - at Chateau Kern - we got ready and prepped our nerves to face the masses!

Here I am with Joel, one Host at Chateau Kern, and YES that is true terror written across our faces! Mine for fear of dying and his because he didn't even train for this race and had never done a Half before, but still wanted to come in under 1:55!! And...he DID! Why don't things like that ever happen to me?!? Anyhow - this is us, pre-race jitters and the breakfast of champions! Of which I could only eat half, because I felt like I would puked should I force-feed myself any more!

And here we are finally at the START line - me and my fan:)
This picture should be good enough no?! I made it this far...now can we go home!!!My Kindred Spirit and crazy friend who inspired me to do this foolish thing in the first place!! I am forever indebted to her for kicking my butt in gear - via long-distance votes of confidence! Thanks so much K - for being you and believing in me! What crazy thing will we conqure next together??
We're in there somewhere!!
Here we go...with a great sense that we should all be saying "MMoooooooo"! Cattle-hearding! Please note: to see any picture larger...simply click on the image:)

This is about 5 or 6 kms into the race, and Jim was looking for me wearing the burgundy long-sleeve shirt! Hence the "back" shot! I had to call his name out for him to look at me!!

And...here I am again! This is around 1/2 way - surely a reason to smile!! But knowing that I had another 11kms to run with my hips grinding in their sockets was not a comforting thought! I have NO idea what went on with me that day!! My usual struggles during training have been blisters, stiff knees and tightening hamstrings! But, this grinding hip pain came out of nowhere - took me by complete surprise and made the run quite painful! Enough of the sob story...I know, but I just felt like I should share! Even music didn't drown out my thoughts of throwing in the towel!And, here we are trudging along the board-walk! Which at any other given time would be a scene of complete, picturesque beauty! But at a time of already completing 20 kms and barely having the energy to lift my feet - trying to NOT trip or twist my ankle on the wobbley, uneven cobblestone boardwalk was not something in which I found particular joy!And...was it just me, or did this boardwalk seem to be another 20 kms long with the finish line in sight the ENTIRE way! Believe me, the "throw-in-the-towel-and-walk" voices in my head were yelling at me right about here!
Calgon...anyone...take me away!!

Sweet victory! 2:15 Baby!! I was aiming for anything under 2:25! Like 2:24:59 is what I was thinking!! 2:15:09...I'll take that any day!! And no...I don't mind that I moaned the entire way down the finish lane! Honestly! It's like child-birth! Those last two minutes are a complete fog! No clue how I got across the finish line! Just glad I got there! So, please excuse the face! I had completely forgotten to put on my "forget-about-your-pain-and-look-happy-crossing-the-finishline" face!!! I didn't even here the man call out my name and say I was from 100 Mile!

Sweet embrace...

Tears of Joy...


Evidence of my accomplishment! Funny how a metal can make everything feel better!! Kinda like a band-aid!!
Yippeee Girl!! We did it!! Yet one more thing to cross off our list!

Our lovely hosts at Chateau Kern!! We owe you guys...big time!! Such a beautiful place with great company! Thanks again!!

And last, but certainly not least...A surprise present - two of my favorite things!! Surprises and presents!! What could be better?! Jim got me these 2 charms for a necklace to remember this day! A runner and my distance! 21.1KMS!! I love it! And love him for sticking by my side throughout this entire training process! For always believing in me and telling me the whole time that I could do it! What an amazing partner! Now, I have to convince him to do a run WITH me!So...that's it for now! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I did! And - being two day since the race, only having tight muscles is a major plus for me! My hips seem to be totally fine now?! Who knows! I made it...that's all that matters!


kelly said...

absolutely, stinkin' amazing. i wish it were me that had accomplished something so great, but i'm not sure i want to put myself through that pain :)
WAY TO GO christina!!!!!

Sarah said...

Sweet! The necklace is a very precious keepake indeed.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Christina!!!! Seeing the look on your face as you crossed the finish line made me cry... you know me.... cry at parades.... anyhow, congrats again! So proud of you!
Love Joe

Cathy said...

Congratulations on your first half marathon.

I did the Victoria half the same day. It was my first too!

Are you going to run another?

Christina B said...

...way to go on your Half! Was it your first? As for me...I plan to do another one here on the Coast in April:) Don't ask why! Just nice to cross the finish line! Are you planning to do any more??

Barley Girl said...

i am so very proud of you...
thanks for running with me too..
love all the comments.. could nt help laughing at our pain!
congratulations my friend! next time... 1:55!!!