Thursday, October 9, 2008

3 More sleeps...

Need I say more??
Well probably!
But, it's already 8:15 and I still have to get ready and
figure out what I'm doing today!
Argh - I always feel like I'll be more with it
In the morning - the night before!
And's morning
And I'm not more with it!
I'm less with it and have more to do than I thought!

But, there's only 3 more sleeps until my Half
Can not believe it is so close -
Have no idea how I'll sleep the night before!
But - the girls will be well taken care of and
Jim and I will have some nice alone time!
And...we don't have to pay the toll on the Coquahalla!!

Better be off...time to get productive!
Maybe post later with some pics - we'll have to see
if time is on my side this afternoon?!

Have a great day!

ps......YAY - hockey's BACK!!!