Monday, October 6, 2008

The Countdown Is On!!

And so...I procrastinate!! And who will this harm?? Only me!! And whose stress-level will rise as a result of this procrastination?? Only mine!! And yet...I still procrastinate!! My last run was a week ago and it was 14k! But I must run! Seriously, my 21.1 is only a few sleeps away! WHAT AM I THINKING??
Wanna see some cute pictures?? (This will distract you for a while, and then you'll remember why I initially started this post and think "Why is she showing me pictures of her girls and not out running?" And then, my mission is accomplished! Because you were supporting my procrastination! heeheehee)
Here's our Beanie (don't ask me how she got that nickname?!)....

Doing her Spidey-Spider crawl!!I guess it's more of an attempt to save her little knees, but it's sure cute!

********************************* are the girls looking....cute!

Avery trying to get a little kiss from Kare Bear!Can you girls please look at Mummy?! Well, thanks! But a smile would be nice now!!

Awesome!! My Girls!
So...thanks for indulging in my procrastinating pleasures! I'll keep you posted on my 'progress' as the days continue to fly by!!


Barley Girl said...

yup.. it is on its way...
I have 3 runs left bfore sunday and then we will be there!!YIPPEE!!!
love you!! see you soon!!
we can do it!!!

kelly said...

SO cute :)
and yes, your run is coming up quickly! You will do fabulous, I"m POSITIVE!!! :)