Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5 More Sleeps...

Aaahhhh! That's only a handful!! Not much more I can do about preparing! Except, of course, fake an injury that would allow me to pull out of the race at the last minute!! hhmmmm...does a hangnail count??

Anyhow, just wanting to keep my end of the bargin...as far as blogging goes! So here I am again, keeping you updated!!

Wanna see what I did yesterday...in attempts to...procrastinate!?

Yup, that's my hair! And some scissors! And, no, I'm not a professional. But, in moments of passion, I could pass as one!

And, yesterday was one of those days!!

Nevermind the fact that my hairdresser has recently moved...next door!

Seriously! Her salon is literally less than 20 steps from my front door, and still...

I attempt.
To feel professional.
And cut my own hair.Wanna see how it turned out??

Thankfully my mop is rather forgiving, and, from a distance, it doesn't look too bad!

But, I am contemplating take some 20 humble steps...next door! I just can't seem to figure out how to get a good look at the back of my head, and other people CAN! So...not wanting to look 100% lop-sided, I feel the need to take some professional measures! Meaning...scissors in hands that are not my own!

In other news...and I use that term loosely... Avery loves apples.

Whole ones.

That she can grab with her chubby fingers.

And sink her 6 bity teeth into!


Told ya!

She's already displaying quite the individual/do-it-herself personality! She wants to feed herself most of the time, and gets rather perturbed when she can't hold her own spoon! So, discovering this new love for things whole, she's rather pleased...and so are we:)

As for Karys...she's continuing to display her own funny personality as well! And, when she says she wants to play with her tebby bears...she means it. All of them. And, with the memory of an elephant (does anybody else's 2 1/2 year old remember EVERYTHING??), she knows when she's missing one, and will search until she find it!

So...here she is...

With all her bears!

note: they're not all hers! Some of mine and my Mum's are thrown in there too! But, as you well know, in the mind of a 2 1/2 year old...everything is "mine!" *sigh*

So, hope your Tuesday goes well! That your list of "Things to do" gets done! And that you can easily think of something for dinner - if it's not planned already! And then, in that case, tell me what you're making! Because I need an idea:)


kelly said...

yep - from here, the hair looks great! :)
Taeya's got the elephant memory too...weirds me out because i usually can't remember what she is talking about :)