Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Love List

The week has come to and end...again:) And so a list is in order...two times in order I suppose, seeing as how I totally missed last week! But we'll stick to getting through one to begin with:) And then...see if maybe I can get my act in gear to come up with another...soon!

.:1:. Bringing Karys and Avery to a birthday party for a friend! So much fun for both them and myself, seeing as how I got to hang out with a great friend, whom I haven't seen in over a year!!

It was a "bee" theme!

And Karys enjoyed the cake...

Thoroughly!! ...she was the only kid left at the table, savouring the last morsels!

Overall...great time with great people!
.:2:. Spending a whole day (which flew by and still seemed WAY too short) with my best friends from highschool! - minus one who is in South Africa at the moment! We had such a great time and it is always so refreshing to get back together with people who really know you! Thanks gals...I loved it!!

.:3:. Spending time as a family soaking up (literally) life of the Coast! On this particual venture, Karys and I brought Avery and Jim down to the Provincial Park to show them the spawning salmon! This is something I have grown up doing, being that this wonder of nature takes places, virtually, in my back yard - so it was very fun for me to start the tradition with my own family! However, I plan of leaving out the early tradition my family participated in - the making and sharing of fish-head and or fish eye and or fish egg soup!
The forest looks like it's in techni-colour!

Ooops! Someone didn't see a huge root sticking out of the forest floor!

.:4:. The season of traditions - Thanksgiving, Halloween, Rememberance Day, and Christmas! I'm just so glad for this time of year and having kids to share it with! The other night the girls and I went out the the store to pick up our pumpkins! Karys even seemed to vaguely remember us doing this last year in our "white house" - as she refers to our home in 108 Mile! So we got our pumpkins home - Karys designated which one was hers and which was Avery's and we began the carving process! And then, the next day, she was able to bring the toasted seeds to Preschool for their communal snack-time!...yum!


Karys...not seeming to recall how slimey this job really is!

Let's use a spoon instead!

Karys...thinking that her Pumpkin must be a bit hungry!

Avery...not too sure what this thing is doing on her tray!

Although they both look a tad aprehensive, they were actually quite taken with their pumpkin heads!!

.:5:. Committing to another run!! Yay! This time it's a 10k in Fort Langley! I am so glad to have signed up for it as I am hoping it will give me the push I need to get back out running regularily! And...I am hoping to be running it with two of those highschool friends!

.:6:. Hockey! I know I probably had this one on another previous list - but I love I'll put it on again! And although the Canucks are recently being compared to the volitile stock market in the way they're performing, Luongo just got a shut-out last night! So...maybe it's a sign of an upward trend!

.:7:. Slowly getting the girls' rooms in order! We now have them moved to the rooms they will be calling "theirs" while we are here! And we are slowly getting the walls prepped for the paint! choose a paint colour! I wish Sarah Richardson was my friend!

...oh man! I think that's enough for now! But let's just say #'s 8-10 are to be continued! I am obviously looking forward to tonight and will have pics to post of the girls once they get made-up, but if I stay in here any longer I will have no time to get ready! So...stay tuned and have a great night!