Saturday, November 1, 2008

Picture Posting Plethora!

Well, here's my promised # 8, 9, 10, and....however many else are posted!! We had a great time last night - particiapting in the events that were taking place in the community! The first stop was "trick-or-treating" at the Mall! And although I would not want to make this a yearly tradition, it was nice to get Karys introduced into the art of candy-collecting! Our second stop was at a church-organized night of fun! No scary costumes and loads of crafts, games and treats!! And...we got a professional photo taken that will be mailed to our house!! Next we were off to show our little ballerina and giraffe to my Granny - Dad's mum - where she loaded us up with even more goodies!
Set with sugar for the next too many days, we set off back home to have a quick bite to eat before we headed back out to watch...fireworks!! YAY! The show was half an hour long and although I was disappointed when they finished, Karys reassured me, "It's okay Mummy, we saw lots already!" Needless to say, she had had enough, but thoroughly enjoyed the show she saw!! And never failed to mention that each one she saw was...her favorite!!
So...let's start with the pre-Halloween events...after pumpkin carving (mentioned and pictured in the previous post)...making sugar cookies!!! YUM!! Definitely an upcoming yearly tradition! I guess this would classify as #8 on my list...

And now...while the batter chills...why not....try on costumes!!!!! Why?? Because we know she's going to end up being a ballerina or princess anyway?!'s fun! So...
Here is "Pumpkin"
"Cracked Egg"
and...obviously Bert, or as Karys kindly refers to him...Uncle Ron, with Ernie being no other than Daddy!

Oh Man, was this ever fun!! I love having a daughter who will go along with my crazy desires to dress her up and look silly! But we all knew what she'd choose - and remember this IS just to roll out and cut the dough!! :P

Truly a natural! I was just clicking away and she poses like..this! Showing off her pointed toes!

Rolling out the dough while talking to Avery!

Who watched her every move and adores her!!

Even Daddy got in on the action!!

Fun was had by all! And although there are no "after" pictures to display our work in progress, believe me when I say they are delish! I even had enough to bring to all my kids at school!!

#9 Would have to be...

Our Beanie!!!
All dressed up with no clue as to...why! But man is she ever cute!!

And here's Karys at the same age...two years ago!!

Genes are crazy things!!

And lastly...#10 - Finally getting out as a family and partaking in the festivities!!

Ready and raring to go!!!

Getting right in there...candy collecting!

Soaking in the chaos!

And finally...fresh air!!

So...hope you all had a great evening! Now onto indulging...

while listening to Christmas Music!'s finaly November!!! Blessings to you!


Barley Girl said...

yay christmas music... but I have to wiat till dec.1st in our house or I get into big trouble...
aweseom posts! and pics...
have a great sunday..