Monday, November 24, 2008

Just Wondering... you would respond?
When someone
tells you something
that completely THRILLS them,
but you have a reaction
that is seemingly
180 degrees opposite?!
When someone shares something
with you
and they are expecting a reaction
filled with shared
and all you can muster is
How do you respond
when it's in their best interest
to be
all at once?!
Just wondering...
and venting...
and trying to figure out...
what to say!
for the blah-ness
it's just me
Tommorow's a new day
Here's to new days!!
Thank you Jesus for new days!


Barley Girl said...

you fake it! Like I always do...!!
these days I find it harder and harder to care... that sounds aweful.. but with 4 people in this house to take care of and me left to the end, I have little time left for anyone else...
I used to be such a great listener... what is happening to me??????? OH! yeah! I became a mother!!!
hope that you are finding today a better day and that you can find the strength to be happy for your freind....I hear you, sista!
and love and hugs to you and your bunch....

Dawn said...

oh, I feel for you... my friends and I were recently joking that the standard, "Good for you" works in most non-critical situations :-)

Other times, the truth is hard to tell, not the truth vs. a lie, but the TRUTH... in love, of course.

I know, easier said than done...

p.s. Is it me? Is it my enthusiasm over the potential come-back of the banana clip?