Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Love List

Well folks! A new horizon is upon us....err...uh....okay then, maybe just upon me;) Only two more sleeps until my first Half Marathon!! And although I am positive that I could presently compile a list of my fears leading up to and during the race - most of which remain unfounded - I will remain positive and not bore you with my antics!

Rather, I'll simply let you know, in no particular order, what I am enjoying as of late! First and foremost...HOCKEY HAS RETURNED!! Life is good!! And, to add to that overall goodness, incase you live in a cave and were "unable" to watch last night's game in Vancouver, the Canucks dedicated their first game of the season to Luc Bourdon (who died this past summer) and they won 6-0! Luongo got a shut-out!!! Way to start the season!!

I know you're wondering what could top that right?? Well, again these are in no particular order! So the next thing I am particularily fond of these days is the crisp weather!

I love wearing all the cozy, warm Fall clothes!

I love that my hair-dresser is only 20 steps away and that she's going to attempt to fix my creative measures in half an hour:)

I love the (please remember that I use the term "love" in many scenarios of my life - overdramatically in some cases! So where I say it regarding trivial matters, it would not mean that I feel the same way as when I say I love my children) that that's clear...I love the book I am reading! The Shack - if you haven't heard of it yet, is refered to as "the modern day Pilgrim's Progress!" And although I have yet to get half way through it, I am already contemplating buying 923849875 copies to give away to anyone who happens upon me:)

I love that we are not still living in 100 Mile! Not that I didn't 'enjoy' it while we were there - it was where we knew God wanted us! But, we are extremely thankful for where He has us now!

I love my morning coffee - which is currently almost cold because it is taking me so long to do this!

I love that we have a cozy place to stay when we head out to Kelowna this afternoon! And by cozy I mean - clean, good company, welcoming, and free! Thanks Dawn:)

I love that my Mum has decided to spare the girls (and I honestly did feel bad for them suffering through the monotony of such a long drive/ quick stay) the stuck-in-their-carseats-for-way-too-long drive to Kelowna and instead has offered to keep them! Which means Jim and I have 2 days together! Yay!

And this one may sound mean...but I love it when Avery cries! Not in the way you are thinking - she's just so cute, that when she cries and is truly sad about something she just looks that much cuter, and she'll let me cuddle her:)

And...I love that when I log back into blogger, I will be doing so as a Half Marathon FINISHER!!
So...this is me signing off and hoping you have a great Thanksgiving weekend! Counting your blessings and being reminded of the many things in life you have to be thankful for:)

Catchya Later...


Barley Girl said...

yahoo!! cant wait to run with ya!!

kelly said...

Wow - tomorrow's the big day! Will be thinking of you and praying for you!! You'll do awesome! :) Enjoy your time alone with Jim!
(CUTE picture of Avery's behind!)

Dawn said...

HAHAHA... LOVE the photo!
By the way, it's 8:22 and you two are not home and tucked in bed. Where are you? Should I be worried? Why didn't you call? What's going on? It's very late and you are out in the big city of Westbank... oh my... tell me you didn't head into Kelowna... i'm going to call 911...

Niki said...

You did it! Can't wait to hear all about it! Hope Jim took some good pictures!

And yes, I love the bum photo too!

Sarah said...

It's Sunday... so congrats FINISHER!! I look forward to reading all about it :-)

And yes, I too LOVE the Fall for all it's warm and cozy clothes and of course HOCKEY! (Did you catch the game on Saturday night??)