Friday, August 29, 2008

New Horizon on the Rise!

Despite the seemingly negative connotations drawn up by the previous post, I would like to make it clear that we are doing fine!! We are excited for this move - without the job. And we are looking forward to the new-ness of this decision!

Although I really cannot ever understand why God doesn't allow things to happen that we really feel would be right for us - I do guarantee that I am glad I didn't get to marry that first guy I was begging God to let me marry! Seriously glad!

So...we did a majority of the packing in the beginning of the week and made our maiden voyage on Thursday! But, as things go, we ran out of steam Wednesday evening and are simply blessed to have our parents as landlords to be able to go back up next weekend (my birthday weekend, I might add!) to finish off the rest of the packing - sans children! And, unlike Niki, the arrival of my birthday is one that is highly anticipated and overly used as an excuse to indulge wherever and whenever possible! However, this year brings some serious feelings of queasiness at the idea of being so "old"!!

So - yup - we're here! Settling in and looking forward to the newness of planting roots! What a concept!! What an opportunity! What a blessing!! We are so glad to be here and so much anticipating what is to come!

Hold only gets better...the best is yet to come!!


kelly said...

away for your birthday? DARN! We'll have to celebrate the next time we get together then :)

Anonymous said...

Like you, I thank God for unanswered prayers too!!! Glad you are doing well, and looking forward to hanging out with you tonight at the movie!!!! Thank you for being flexible. See ya!!! Jobe

Anonymous said...

the BEST IS yet to come! glad you are all you guys! havea coffeeon the peir for me..