Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Politics and Packing!, not the daily debate of Liberals vs Conservatives. Or Democrats vs. Repulicans! Just mundane politics of small town opportunities!

As life would have it, we've been in somewhat of a limbo - to say the least! You see, a year ago we moved to Hicksville on a temporarily-permanent basis. And as the year has been drawing to a close, we have been sensing a need to move on! For several reasons, but one staring us right in the face would be the 7 months of SNOW!!! Along with the fact that we really didn't have any plans to plant roots here to begin with! So, when the opportunity arose, mid-June, for me to apply for a job in my field, with awesome hours and the ideal staff/school, I applied. And waited...and waited...and waited! And, amongst all the waiting I chatted with potential colleagues about how perfect this job would be were I to get it. Jim and I dreamed about the idea of finally getting to move to where we want to raise the girls, and - after 5 years - plant some roots!!! So, we were pretty sold on the idea of moving and were patiently waiting for the answer in June...and then through July! And come August we were realizing the implications of me getting the job and our patience started wearing thin! Packing up a junk-filled home in less than three weeks...two weeks...ONE WEEK!!! Yup, it took them until Thursday - 5 days ago and only a full week before school starts - to make their decision!!

However, this is where the politics come into play! I didn't get the job. As much as I wanted it and as much as many people felt as though it was a perfect opportunity for me and as much as I really felt as though this is what God wanted - it wasn't! For reasons beyond my knowledge, I wasn't meant to have the job. But the politics side of things is: the children should come first! In this calling of "Educator" it is our duty to put the needs of our students at the forefront! And, when we let other things get in the way, we are fall short of our duty!

Disappointed we were...but we also really felt like we needed the change!? So...what to do? WHAT TO DO??? Leave a beautiful home and a "job" working for family to go to no home and no job?! I know it sounds obvious - stay where the going's good! But, the house and the job don't compare to doing what we feel we should do - uncertainties and all!

Need I say more...
we have a week...
to pack up the house...
and be ready for the frist week of school!
My dear-er friend - as of late!
So, that's what we've been up to! And once this is done the only thing certain is we hope to not move back! We're excited to see how God will provide and bless us for this leap of faith! We know it is the right time, but in the world's eyes our decision seems very silly! So, we continue to trust and hope in a God who knows all and whose love for us will carry us through any difficult circumstance! I know I say it and I know my head believes it, but now it's time to start living out this trust and faith with my heart!
~Father I am....send me!


kelly said...

You not getting the job is beyond any of our comprehension...but we trust with you that God knows why. And we are glad to have you closer to us again, and trust with you that He has a plan for you; to prosper you and take care of you.
We hope the packing goes smoothly. we love you guys!

Niki said...

Wow, I am in shock! Big decisions are hard, but God will bless your faith and desires.

I KNOW how hard the packing is with kids, so I am praying hard for you on this front. Hope it all comes together without too much stress.

Where are you actually moving too?

Barley Girl said...

love you lots... so proud of this move. YOu will be the happier for it. and your kids will have the roots you havea lways wanted for them.. and then there is the part about living by the ocean... that is what I miss the most. A great decision. YOu are NOT crazy! what you were just living, CRAZY....
Peace and joy be yours my friend as you set your wings a sail to your homeland and watch your roots go down deep..